Donna Edmunds has been the main driving force behind UKIP Daily, and has made it what it is today – a well respected site that is UKIP’s equivalent of ConservativeHome, without all the resources that the Tory party has.

She has been assisted by many regular contributors, to whom she is eternally grateful, and Brian Otridge who has been acting as Deputy Editor on 2 or 3 days a week.

But, Donna is an MEP candidate, a District Councillor, and has recently been selected as PPC for the Lewes constituency. She therefore numerous commitments  associated with those roles and has a busy campaign diary.

Brian, after a long period of unemployment, now has a job… mostly in Dubai. While he is  willing and able to put in out-of-work time to UKIP Daily, he has to put work first. He is also a PPC, for Southend West, which is remote from where he presently is based in UK, so that presents its own logistical issues.

However, we’d like to be able to keep UKIP Daily going, and to grow the site in terms of page hits – traffic is respectable at present, but we’d like to see numbers rise. The idea we have is to have a panel of Editors and Promoters:

  • The Editor role receives articles, proof reads them, loads them to the site (in WordPress, an off-the-shelf website maintenance utility), sets the category and author, and finds/creates a graphic to head it. Each article takes around 15 minutes to process, providing it does not need too much revision. We are averaging 4/5 articles a day, so it’s up to two hours a day.
  • The Promoter role promotes new and recent articles through Facebook, Twitter and other social media. This needs people who are good at social networking, at drawing people into a site from other environments. They would have access to site stats to get feedback on how they are doing – it’s effectiveness that matters with the Promoters, not necessarily hours of work.

We envisage perhaps 4 people of each skill being on a weekly rota – Brian is prepared to maintain the rota and be one of the Editors doing 1 or 2 “shifts” a week.  However, the culture we’d like to engender is that if you commit to be Editor or Promoter for the day, then you deliver on that commitment, or find a replacement from the others. Oh, and it’s unpaid, of course – for the good of the party.

Are there any volunteers? If you’d like to  offer your services, please email [email protected] and [email protected] – a brief outline of relevant experience you’ve  had would be helpful too.