On Saturday 9th June I was one of the speakers at the Free Tommy Robinson rally in Whitehall. It was attended by a multitude of somewhere between ten to twenty thousand people that stretched from outside Downing Street back up to Trafalgar Square. This was not reported in the so-called ‘Mainstream Media’.

Most UKIP members I have spoken to regarding Tommy Robinson support my qualified support for him, but I know some have concerns. Therefore, I think the best way of explaining my position is by letting you read the speech that I made to the crowd.  This is the speech I made:


Tommy Robinson is a political prisoner.


Whatever the legal technicalities of his alleged contempt of court he has been imprisoned more for who he is and what he says than what he has done.

It is not necessary to agree with everything he says.  It is not necessary to approve of everything he does.

But history will judge him to have been on the right side of struggle between good and evil.

Tommy Robinson is an incredibly brave man who embarked on an heroic mission

Tommy stood up to expose the worst scandal in England’s history: the widespread industrialised paedophile rape of little girls by organised gangs.

This scandal was ignored and brushed under the carpet for decades by the authorities.

Tommy’s real ‘crime’ in the eyes of the state was to expose the scandal itself and the failure of the authorities to deal with it.

Governments across Europe now are the enemies of their own people.

They promote policies that are against the interests of their own people.

Let me give three examples of how our Government are our enemy:

Brexit: the people voted to leave the European Union but Mrs May and the political and media establishment are doing all they can to betray and overturn the result of the Referendum.  They are betraying their own people.

Mass uncontrolled immigration has been a disaster for Britain. Millions of people have been deliberately flooded into our country turning large parts of it into enclaves of foreign countries. And yet the flood continues. They are betraying their own people.

Islamisation: A literalist interpretation of the Mohammedan cult is alien to everything our country stands for. And yet instead of opposing Islam our government and establishment surrender and submit to it. They are betraying their own people.

Islam means submission. Either you submit or you resist.  What do you want to do? Submit? Or do you want to resist?

The political establishment can be defeated!

UKIP has spent 25 years campaigning for Britain’s exit from the European Union.

UKIP secured the Referendum. UKIP won the Referendum.

This was an historic victory for ordinary people. But the job is far from finished yet.

Our Government and politicians can ignore marches and rallies however big they are.

But they cannot ignore the only thing that matters in a democracy – losing votes and being defeated at the ballot box.

If you want to have a long-term lasting effect they you have to organise politically.

Take your votes away from those who betray you and put them somewhere else.

I ask you to join UKIP, support UKIP, and vote for UKIP.

Only a political party that represents the interests of ordinary people can make any difference and change things for the better.

Under my leadership UKIP will do all it can to help keep Tommy Robinson safe while he is in prison.

My colleague, the UKIP Peer Malcolm Lord Pearson has written to the Home Secretary saying that if any harm befalls Tommy in prison he will take out a private prosecution against Sajid Javid as an accessory or for misconduct in public office.

We will hold Mr Javid personally responsible.

Lord Pearson will put questions to the Government in the House of Lords about Tommy’s whereabouts and safety while he remains in prison.

But we don’t just want Tommy Robinson safe in Prison.

We want Tommy Robinson free as quickly as possible.

We want a free Tommy Robinson!

And we want a free independent Britain!



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