“Fear is the Key” is the title of a thriller from the last century. Just as ‘1984’ has become the manual according to which our governments – national, international, supranational (that’s the EU, ok?) – operate, “fear” is the instrument they now use ever more blatantly. As we remember, “Project Fear” was meant to frighten us into staying in the EU, and the Remoaners are still desperately using it. But now – this is where ‘international comes in – “Fear” is being used globally, and what we must fear is ‘cyber warfare’.

The first stones in this mosaic were put in place by NATO well before last year, well before the explosive claims of Russian ‘hackers’ having given Trump the victory in 2016. This report from NATO itself (no Russian ‘bots’ there, one would hope) is from 2010.

That this is more serious than just having the MSM shout about ‘the Russians did it’ should be obvious, because invoking the ‘assistance clause’ by any NATO member means NATO will have to act. You can draw your own conclusions as to who the designated culprit is and what such NATO action will consist of.

But there’s worse and this is what really should frighten all of us.

Item: the Pentagon tells the world that ‘Russian bots’ activity increased by 2000% after the USA-UK-F attack on Syria (e.g. here).

Item: Boris Johnson, in the run-up to yesterday’s debate in the HoC, warned of a ‘cyber war’ launched by Russia.

Item: the top story this morning in the DT, with this ‘warning’:

“Fears are growing that Russia, in retaliation for the missile strike on Syria over the weekend, is gearing up to conduct a major cyber assault on Britain. Just days after the attack, the threat of a crippling attack from Russia is now at its “highest possible level” the National Cyber Security Centre has warned.”

Fear, as scientists know, is not conducive to cool, rational thought. The response is the ‘flight-or-fight’ reflex. So now that we are all suitably frit, next we need the bogeyman whom to attack. And lo and behold – it’s Russia/Putin!

Isn’t it wonderfully reassuring to know that everything, from malfunctioning broadband connections to NHS waiting times and of course chemical attacks is all caused by Russia?

Of course, as the Pentagon and Boris Johnson himself told us, any critical assessment of those governments’ accusations are fake, coming from Russian trolls and Russian bots – so we can all disregard them.

Mind you, these Russian bots are everywhere – even in the OPCW! That august institution dared to proclaim that the ‘Syrian chemical weapons research centre” at Barzah, which was precision-bombed, was not researching or producing chemical weapons … but then, the authors of that article (here) must of course also be Russian fake-news providing trolls.

See how easy it is? All one needs is to tell the populations that we need to be afraid, very afraid indeed. Then one needs to tell the population that Big Government has found the culprit and will do all to protect us. Of course, anything that goes wrong or has gone wrong in the country was caused by that bogeyman. Equall,y of course, anyone who doubts this is either a Russian troll disseminating fake news and must be disregarded or needs to feel the full force of ‘the Law’. Just as hate speech crime is the fastest-rising crime (forget knife attacks, that’s soo last century), you can bet that soon we’ll have ‘anti-fake-news’ legislation criminalising everyone who dares criticise the government’s proclamations. We’re at war, don’t you know – cyber-war, so watch your pixels!

Here’s one report which is surely fake – or the author was paid by Putin – or the publication was paid by Putin, so don’t believe a word you read. By extension, with so many Russian bots and fake news providers, a.k.a. critical citizens, around, any critique of any government action can already be disregarded. Any ‘event’, from NHS waiting times to queues at supermarket checkouts, from electricity black-outs and broadband dropouts, are only due to That Man. Nothing at all to do with any government policies!

What is even better, everything That Man and his representatives say is per se a lie and can therefore be disregarded. They are all liars because all Russians are liars. That’s our modern, 21st Century policy. Of course, our own governments never ever lie, nor do our own MSM!

The one thing which puzzles me though is this: if, as our governments tell us, all Russians, from Mr Putin and Mr Lavrov down, are congenital liars – how come they overlook and disregard the blatant lies, big and small, from Saudi Arabian kings to the White Helmets to our own jihadis and Muslim benefit scroungers? Lies which have been proven to be lies?

Have they really never heard of taqqiya?

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