The EU is well known for its obsession with the ‘human rights’ of rapists, murderers and terrorists. It is bad enough that they prioritise the ‘human rights’ of these people at the expense of the law abiding majority in their own continent. However, it may interest you to learn that, for at least the last decade, they have stood up for the rights of killers and sex offenders across the world – in your name, and with your money.

In 1993, 14-year old Jennifer Ertman and her 16-year old friend Elizabeth Pena were walking through a park in Houston, Texas. They were set upon by a gang of six men who proceeded to rape the girls for over one hour in the most degrading ways possible. After this, they then wrapped a belt around the girls’ necks, with a gang member pulling each side until the girls died. It took several days for their bodies to be found, by which point they had decomposed beyond recognition in the hot Texan summer. The trial was told how the killers spent several hours after the crime laughing about their victims pain and pleas for release, and one killer complained that the ‘bitch just wouldn’t die’ as he was strangling her. The perpetrators were found guilty and several sentenced to death. The crimes were so horrific, even the mother of one of the killers admitted she felt he deserved to die.

Despite the fact this case had no European perpetrators, no European victims and occurred far from European soil, the EU felt it had the right to interfere in this case – in favour of the killer’s ‘human rights’ of course. In 2004, the European Union learned that one of the killers, Jose Medellin, had been born in Mexico. Technically, foreign nationals can request Consular assistance if arrested in another country. When the EU learned he had not done so, they launched an expensive amicus curiae brief on his behalf with the self-proclaimed International Courts of Justice (ICJ) in The Hague.

Let us be clear. Medellin did not tell the Texas police at any time during his arrest he was a foreign national. He did not mention at trial he was a foreign national. He did not mention during sentencing that he was a foreign national. He spent several years in prison without mentioning it to anyone. Quite why and how it suddenly crossed his mind to mention this ‘right’ had been taken away is anyone’s guess, but EU funded lawyers might have something to do with it. Furthermore, even if he had had Consular assistance, it would not have changed the fact of his guilt. This didn’t matter to the EU. A detail of international law had been broken, and the EU mobilised rapidly in defence of the ‘rights’ of a self-confessed gang rapist and double child killer. With EU assistance, the ICJ ordered Texas to halt the execution and lessen the punishment of Medellin.

The political class in Texas have a healthy disdain for foreign courts lecturing them, something I wish our own class shared. They quite rightly resented the ICJ and EU interference in this case and executed Medellin and his fellow child killers anyway. The EU was thwarted in its attempts to protect the ‘human rights’ of Medellin’s gang. However, there are now whole EU budget lines dedicated to the ‘human rights’ of killers and terrorists worldwide, with self-proclaimed ‘human rights’ groups making a tidy profit in EU grants as a result. It doesn’t sit well with me that pro-criminal ‘human rights’ groups are going around the world in my name and at my expense demanding countries which still punish criminals cease doing so.

The horrors Elizabeth Pena and Jennifer Ertman must have gone through that night are beyond my imagination. I cannot even imagine the horrifying trauma this case had on their family and a foreign super state wading in to a private tragedy to back up the people who raped and killed your loved one must have opened wounds in an especially painful way. Earlier this year, Randy Ertman, father of Jennifer Ertman, died. He spent the rest of his life following his daughter’s murder fighting for victims’ rights. It is the rights of victims that deserve to be backed.

The sooner we are out of the EU and no longer forced to fund the defence of gang raping child killers on the other wise of the world, the better.