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Here is the letter to members from Paul Oakden, Party Chairman, giving the date and venue for the EGM


I’m writing to confirm the details of the upcoming EGM, which has now been booked for Saturday 17th February 2018.

Our aim has been to make sure that we have a cost effective venue, with sufficient capacity to cater for however many members might wish to attend and participate. We also want to make this important meeting as accessible to as many members from around the country as we can.

With this in mind, we have now made the decision to hold the EGM at the International Convention Centre (ICC), Broad St, Birmingham, B1 2EA.

Members will be able to register and get access to the hall from 12:30pm, the meeting will start at 1:15pm. We would expect the meeting to last no more than two hours.

The Party Secretary will be writing to all members via the Royal Mail in the next few days to confirm details with you and to outline how the meeting will run. If you have any questions after receiving that letter then please do contact Head Office who should be able to help you with anything else you might need. 

The letter will also contain additional information and directions to help you find the venue, which has ample parking and is less than a ten minute walk from the main New Street station in Birmingham.

Whilst there is no cost to attending the meeting, members are required to register in advance. You can do that by providing your name and membership number on a simple form, found by following this link:

Finally, as part of the agreement we have with the ICC, those travelling by train are able to get a 25% discount when booking advance tickets with Virgin Trains. This means that a standard return ticket from London, booked sufficiently in advance would cost just over £20. Further information about that offer can be found by following this link:

If you have not received your invitation by Friday 2nd February then please contact Head Office who will be able to assist you.

Kind Regards, Paul Oakden, Party Chairman

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99 Comments on EGM – WHERE AND WHEN

  1. Huntingdon Branch, in a vote at the last meeting, last week, recommend that Henry Bolton is replaced as Party Leader. Some of the Branch members will attend this EGM on Saturday 17th. Feb.

  2. Scottish East Coast attenders.
    I used to stay in Dundee, many years ago
    Sleeper left about 11pm (I think it started at Aberdeen) and got into Euston about 6.30am (this was weekdays – don`t know if weekend was same service) often there were delays and it could be as late as 8.30 am anyway if it was on time they didn`t chuck you straight off at Euston.
    Should be plenty of trains to Brum New Street.
    Haven`t been to Brum since they demolished the Rotunda – I used to get the Midland Red bus to Coventry from the Bull Ring before they built it

  3. Cap'n Mainwaring // January 28, 2018 at 6:24 pm // Reply

    Bunch of amateurs here, frankly.

    Soon as the story broke on January 4 Biggles, working for Nigel, checked that support for ‘enery was highest in the West Midlands, got in touch with a few venues like the I.C.C. and started to get new members signed up in the area. Two branch chairman confirm they’ve had an influx. Anyone who joined before the E.G.M. was called will be able to vote.

    What the N.E.C. later decided was anticipated, Biggles had researched the lass.

    Half of the E.G.M. attendees will be locals and more than half will vote for ‘enery to stay.

    Nigel’s pulled a masterstroke.

    • C ‘n’ M,

      In that case we either need to change it or swamp the place, after all we are all ‘Swampicus’ now.

    • They will be entitled to vote provided they joined at least 28 days before the date of the EGM.

      As for getting in new members, I’m pretty certain the same happend at the last such EGM: 4 guys I’d never seen before at any conference, sitting behind me, said “Who’s this Michael Holmes bloke we’re supposed to vote against”?

  4. My prediction for how it will go:






    Do you think I have overplayed this a bit, as it is no contest really.

  6. Paul Oakden knows people will be travelling from hundreds of miles away. He has set the meeting time a couple of hours too early (deliberately?) He will no doubt get there the night before and stay in a hotel on his expense account, but we can’t do that.

    • Enough with the conspiracy theories : the timing is as good as it can be.

      It allows people from almost anywhere in England and even the S. of Scotland, to get to Birmingham by setting off really early, yet still manage to return on the same day, thus avoiding the expense of overnighting in an hotel.

      If the Mtg started two hours later a LOT of people would not have trains getting them back home on the Saturday, or if driving would have to contemplate that many more hours night time driving.

      We have enough problems without seeing imaginary enemies everywhere.

    • Rabbit,

      If you don’t mind me saying that is complete rubbish, Paul probably wants rid of Bolton as much as we do, he is such an embarrassment to the party.

      • Cap'n Mainwaring // January 28, 2018 at 6:13 pm // Reply


        If you don’t mind me saying that is complete rubbish, Paul definitely wants whatever puts more lolly in his pocket.

    • The timing is perfect for overseas members in Europe.

  7. I assume Branch Chairmen will offer to organise coaches? I feel we need to organise ourselves somehow for battle, not allow people to sit at home through apathy

  8. Either turn up or don’t. I doubt if the turnout will each 300.
    Almost the less the better as when the media jump on this nonsense its best you are not in the photos.
    UKIP has about 2 weeks to force the b****** to resign.
    Or its over.
    But STILL Bolton gets media support paid for from UKIP. Every day.
    John—- Q / Why are you employing Towler to support Bolton???
    It baffles me.
    Meanwhile Marney spills the plot…..

    • Mr. Bav,

      I totally disagree, the more the merrier, and I want to be in the photos, I am wearing my duck costume especially for the event! Plus, if we can get near Bolton we are going to beat him up. Only joking of course, wish I was’nt.

    • Mr. Bav,

      In one way she is right it will be a monumental vote, because hopefully we will not be listening to Nigel this time, and will make our own minds up.

      Batten for Leader, MBGA!

      • DD – it’s unfortunate that, according to the rules, no other business can be conducted except the vote of no confidence, so we can’t elect Batten straight into the leadership. That has to go to a postal vote.

        • As a believer in democracy, you would need to give other potential candidates a chance to stand.

          AND, Henry could run again, get voted in by those who couldn’t attend in person, and dump the nec that way ?

        • Debbie,

          I know that but we can live in hope, and we can start the process of getting rid of him. Surely, there would be no rules against Gerard hiring a room there and having his own meeting, either before or after the vote has been held, it would be a perfect opportunity for him to put forward his proposals to all there.

    • “Reform is dear to me & shouldn’t be used to save ones own skin – reform isn’t a 2 week written constitution.
      Henry is not the person to do it. The members are.”

      [source unverified possibly Dr Ryan Waters – Kent – UKIP]

      This succinct, sensible comment was amongst those in the mix from the link above. Mr Bav, I agree it would be far better were Mr Bolton simply to resign before the 17th. Even just from saving petrol, time and more needless debate. I say this, as this EGM is there to make one decision and is not the correct occasion to have a discussion about reform. Mr Bolton is not a leader who inspires or has created positive momentum with UKIP.

      • Cap'n Mainwaring // January 28, 2018 at 6:27 pm // Reply

        “it would be far better were Mr Bolton simply to resign before the 17th”, fer sure, it would be far better still if you handed me a pony. Bolton isn’t resigning, that’s not the script Nigel provided.

        And he’s likely to win an E.G.M. held in Birmingham, Alabama or West Midlands.

        • C ‘n’ mM,

          If Bolton exposes his member then he should be should become an expelled member.

          • Cap'n Mainwaring // January 28, 2018 at 7:03 pm //

            Thought he did expose his member so the only thing is that the photos from that laptop webcam haven’t yet been sold to the highest bidder, hear the Mail pays best and used plastic shrinkable fivers, no bowler hats need even know about it

    • I hope it does, because the minimum to be quorate is 250.

  9. Compliment! Not complement

  10. Its a huge complement to Viv, and a huge vilification of whoever manages UKIP’s administrative systems, that official announcements are now routinely made via UKIP Daily instead of via My UKIP or via UKIP’s list of Members’ emails.

    • Ahem – no, it’s not like that! Official announcements are sent out by email to all, and as a member, I receive them as well.
      As we all know, the email system didn’t work, so when members wrote they hadn’t received this or that letter, I copied them into UKIP Daily upon receipt, as a service to members.
      Mr Oakden, UKIP HO or indeed any official doesn’t send me announcements exclusively for publication on UKIP Daily.

  11. Cap'n Mainwaring, Esq. // January 27, 2018 at 8:53 pm // Reply

    Must be a reason they’re holding it there, and there’s only one possible reason.

  12. I wonder whether the ICC then the backup venue will cancel due to police pressure and Antifa threats, as Anne Marie Waters had in Plymouth on Thursday.

    Probably not. You can tell you’re over the target when you’re taking flak. UKIP isn’t a threat to anyone any more.

  13. I bet hiring the ICC isn’t cheap! 😮

    For those travelling from London/Southeast appalled by the promotion of Virgin Trains, I can heartily recommend catching the Chiltern Line service from London Marylebone to Birmingham Moor Street. Advance tickets can be much cheaper than Virgin Trains 😉
    To get from Moor Street or New Street station to the ICC on Broad Street, hop on the 22/23/24/29 local buses, a short-hop fare will cost £1.50.
    Happy to provide any further travel advice if needed! 😉

  14. Oh no, another massive own goal.With Virgin trains? Are you serious? I’d rather hitch a lift than travel with that tax avoiding anti-Brexiteer. He also has HB traits in that he can’t make up his mind; first he bans the Daily Mail from his trains, then he retracts a few days later. I believe that he secretly loves The Mail but can’t help himself. He’s a self-appointed censor of free speech (until his bottom line is threatened and then he has a re-think) and I’d like to believe that UKIP Grandees (in a rare but welcome moment of radicalism) would make a public statement to this effect. Think of the Mail readers we might attract. Please members, don’t encourage the ex-hippy.

  15. This may be correct but I would like to see the section of the Constitution or whatever Rules which make this the case.
    I do fear that attendance could be v. low : there is such low morale in the Party at present – ppl might be forgiven for thinking ‘ che serà serà ‘ ………..
    I am pretty sure a postal ballot would give a more accurate result of feeling amongst the membership.
    There could be an A4 sheet ( or even two ! ) from each of the NEC and HB, together with a ballot paper to be sent to the ERS.

    • Come on don`t be so defeatist.
      We`ve been handed a lifeline – UKIP can be saved,
      I`ve been looking into this Veteran connection – I was skeptical, but I have heard from other sources it has legs
      It`s up to us now to get our act together and make sure the meeting is packed with Batten supporters to make sure of the “right” result – defeat of hopeless Henry – can`t even manage to mend a hole in a bucket.
      I`m willing to travel from Lincolnshire, anybody want to share a car with me? (as long as they are voting the right way)
      Is anybody co-ordinating us?

      • And it provides an opportunity to show the opposition that there’s life in the old dog yet!

      • Roger,
        Anywhere near Lough ?

      • Unfortunately in my experience UKIP can’t coordinate its way out of a paper bag. Branch Chairmen must be persuaded to get stuck into this. If anyones going from Sussex let’s at least meet when we arrive if not before. Maybe we should all wear badges with our home location written on it.

      • Well I am going myself, and my Branch Chair is encouraging others.

        But ~ just for intellectual curiosity if you like ~ I would be interested to know which part of the Constitution requires personal attendance at the EGM ?

        Although i can see reasons for requiring personal attendance, I can also see the argument that a postal ballot ( independently conducted ) would give opportunity to far more members to vote, and thus greater legitimacy to the result.
        Incidentally ~does anyone know whether UKIP has a Spring Conference planned this year ?
        Perhaps it could have been brought forward to take place over the same weekend ? Just a thought. Too late now !

      • Roger Turner,
        Sorry, small correction, Louth.

        • Thanks for the correction Ogga 1, I got out a map of Ireland originally, it appeared you were speaking from the middle of a body of water.
          However since Louth has probably dried out after the last flood there, it`s a bit closer to Torksey where I live, which is next to Gainsborough and on a direct route to Newark, then down the A46 towards Leicester, Short stretch M1, then A69 towards Birmingham etc.
          Would be pleased to arrange something if we can fill a car – Any member friends ( must guarantee to vote right way – my car doesn`t do democracy!)

          • Roger Turner,
            Yes the mistake, It took a while to find out what was niggling the grey matter, anyway there are two of us battling for batten with him in place stand by for a tsunami of support, seems to be a great deal of water in these missives, Whatever you arrange is acceptable to us
            inclusive of many thanks.

        • Ogga1, please send your Email address, if you can`t get mine on here I`m sure Viv wouldn`t mind forwarding it to me. or your phone number or both.

    • Rhys,

      I think you may be surprised at how many people turn up, we are in a very defiant mood, and like me tired of being pushed around to other people’s agendas, now it is our turn.

    • G.10 All paid-up Party members in good standing (as defined under I.8 below) shall have voting rights at an Extraordinary General Meeting. Members shall be required to bring their Party membership cards to an Extraordinary General Meeting in order to have the opportunity to vote.

  16. Am I correct in thinking that proxy voting is not available ?

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