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To enable grassroots (UKIP members and non-members) to communicate with each other, we, the E-in-Cs of Kipper Central  and UKIP Daily, have decided to form an Editors’ Coalition. This means that we not only will link to each other’s sites but also draw attention to important announcements and information in our respective articles on our sites.

Kipper Central and UKIP Daily have different content and address a different readership, but what is needed now is to facilitate the call-out to the grassroots, to gear up for the time after the EGM regardless of the outcome, to prepare for the local elections and to campaign full out for Brexit.

Our Party under the current leader has been woefully lacking in any activity in those specific areas.The official party website is blissfully unaware of the existence of Kipper Central and UKIP Daily. A presence on Social Media alone is not sufficient.

Moreover, members have no means of knowing what other members talk about or think, they don’t even know what activities branches in their region are planning, activities they may want to support.

Thus our decision to form this Editor’s Coalition:

  • to facilitate communication between members,
  • to provide articles on policies,
  • to provide material for members to send emails to our representatives, to promote campaigns, action days, rallies by branches across the country.

Members, the grassroots, will see that they are not alone. Our elected representatives will see that we grassroots are not to be overlooked, taken for granted and put back in the corner when elections in the Party or the Country are over.

Kipper Central and UKIP Daily are and will be independent of each other. We will make our own editorial decisions, but when the need arises, we will unite in our separate publications to make us, the grassroots, heard.


For Kipper Central:

Kipper Central and UKIP Daily have in common their desire to see UKIP succeed and prosper so that it can play its necessary role in the battle for national independence and Brexit. We have a shared commitment to a Party that is driven by its grassroots and to giving them a voice. Our shared values present an exciting opportunity for us to work together and we look forward to deepening this partnership and giving grassroots Kippers a strong and powerful voice both within UKIP and the wider Brexit community.

Reece Coombes, Darrell Goodliffe


For UKIP Daily:

As E-i-C of UKIP Daily I’ve seen the crying need for three issues:

  1. to provide thoughts and arguments for UKIP policies;
  2. to provide a platform for members’ campaigns and for candidates to promote their views and policy statements above the 150 words allowed in the official CVs and
  3.  to provide, most importantly, the space for debates amongst members and contributors to argue and make their views known.

UKIP Daily has moved to a faster server and the site will be redesigned in the coming weeks to enhance the existing facilities, incorporating links to Kipper Central and creating space for branch announcements.

Viv Evans


Communicating freely, be it in articles and letters, be it in comments, is a necessity for our Party and for Society as a whole. Free Speech is being hampered wherever we look. UKIP surely is the champion of Free Speech!

Our Editors’ Coalition is meant to create support for and indeed defend Free Speech in our Party and in all our publications.


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About Vivian Evans (324 Articles)
Vivian is a UKIP patron, Vice Chair of UKIP Cardiff and Editor in Chief of UKIP Daily


  1. The more we can all talk to one another and get ideas and suggestions across to one another — the better!

  2. Kipper central is an ego trip with just two contributors for much of the time. UKIP daily was an informative publication, but is now a campaign tool for it’s editor. It’s disappointing to see how standards slip when personal grudges take over.
    Maybe, when Henry Bolton wins on Saturday there will be a suitably discreet slinking away. If he doesn’t god knows what will happen after super Batten disappears in three months, all tied up with a leadership election.

    • You make me laugh.
      I understand that you are the chosen one for the Chairman’s position if Bolton wins on Saturday? Ha Ha.
      I hope Viv leaves up all your absurd trolling attacks.
      Take a break from the whisky David, give that and the Webley to Bolton , and do the decent thing.

  3. Good news that at least our media voices are working so well.

    If post-EGM (and hopefully, post-Bolton) the new Party leadership and NEC can get itself as professionally organised and coordinated as UKIP Daily and Kipper Central, then UKIP will thrive once more. If not, we will be relying on you guys providing a mouthpiece for the membership to help kick them into shape. Well done!

  4. So will the revamped UKIP DAILY promote the fact that all the UK treaties with the EU are against our constitution and therefore our country operates outside the rule of law.

  5. This is very good news and a sign that UKIP members and supporters are getting our act together.
    I will hope that the Young Independents members and their website will also be invited to join the Editors Coalition.

    • That was the original proposal, but since Reece is the Deputy Chair of the YI, and since Reece told me the YI website isn’t really akin to what Kipper Central and UKIP Daily do, it would not really be useful to invite them. So we left that out.
      Reece, Darrell and I have been in lengthy consultation over this, it’s not something we just cooked up on the day.

  6. I had the immense pleasure of hearing Reece Coombes, whilst on the same platform as Senior UKIP representatives, deliver a speech to a very well attended gathering of members last night. Completely unfazed and without reference to notes he spoke clearly, confidently and compellingly about UKIP’s current malaise whilst dealing with sniping and interruptions with aplomb. His is a precocious and precious talent which UKIP would do well to protect. It’s perhaps unwise to make such a statement but whilst Nigel Farage has been the Party’s leading light and it’s most illustrious member by far, Reece has all the attributes to become it’s greatest. (Hear his oratory and enthusiasm before you decry my word). Make Gerard the interim leader for as long as is necessary by all means; we have a permanent supremo in waiting.

  7. Good. The next productive step will be for NEC / UKIP officers / AM’s to pro-actively contribute articles, making UKIPD / KipperCentral a real hub for two-way communications. During the Boltonballs crisis this has already happened, to a certain extent, but many -including most MEP’s- , are conspicuous by their absence. Including Mr Farage. I would also urge the YI people to join in, rather than exist on the periphery with a rather limited audience.

    • I never understand the concept of a separate youth wing.
      I accept cheaper membership fees is a good idea.

      • I think largely because 14-21 year olds might find it daunting engaging at branch meetings and the like with people often 50 years older. However even gawky kids ( remember William Hague? ) can turn out well in the longer term. My own daughters have suddenly got into politics after hanging out with their own age group in that field. I’d say bring them in, and let them have their own platform and seat on the NEC too perhaps.

    • Mr Bav

      You have mentioned ‘Mornings’ (whoever they are) yet you have missed councillors from both local and county council. Local government and county councils still have an important outside Morning (metropolitan) areas. Another post Brexit policy, if UKIP has any post Brexit policies, is to make local government more consistent across England and especially as Counties, as local government organisations, are outdated.


  8. Well done guys.

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