Terror attacks

The media are concentrating today on the aftermath of the ISIS attacks.

The Star reveals the plots to attack the UK.

SPIES have warned that Britain is next on Islamic State’s target list.

They gave the chilling forecast after sifting through intelligence gathered from suspected terror mastermind Salah Abdeslam.

Documents and phone numbers obtained from the Paris attacks plotter suggest the UK is in the sights of the jihadis.

Sources said last night a “mass of intelligence” was found after Abdeslam was arrested in Belguim last week.

The Sun claims a chemical attack on England fans is being planned at the first of the Euro 2016 matches in Marseilles.

FRENCH security chiefs have staged a simulated Euro 2016 terror attack as fears grow of an ISIS chemical attack on England fans.

The Three Lions play their opening group game on June 11 against Russia in Marseille, a city with a big North African population.

A French security source said: “It is a high-risk match for numerous reasons. Politically both countries have a bombing campaign against IS and the game is in a city with many North Africans. There have been several arrests linked to ongoing terror investigations and a chemical attack is a possibility.”

But the Express has revealed that there are elite SAS teams primed to act at a moment’s notice in the case of a terror attack on UK soil.

TERROR attacks across Britain will be met by the wrath of a new airborne SAS reaction force on standby 24/7.

Helicopters will fly members of the elite Special Forces regiment to scenes of attacks at a moment’s notice.

If terrorists are at large, the heavily-armed soldiers will be sent in to trap and eliminate them on the direct order of Home Secretary Theresa May.

News of the unit, which has been secretly rehearsing a variety of terror scenarios for months, emerges after last week’s atrocities in Brussels.

The Mirror claims staying in the EU is more dangerous than leaving

Never forget this week.

Not just because of the tragedy in Brussels , but because it will go down in history as the week when staying in the EU became infinitely more dangerous than getting out.

Because after 32 innocents were murdered by Islamic State bombs in Belgium, it’s become ­terrifyingly clear the police and the intelligence services there have no clue what they’re doing.

Also, we’re told that between 400 and 600 ISIS jihadists trained in Syria and Iraq are now moving freely around Europe plotting their next atrocity – which is likely to be in Britain.

Breitbart reports that a nuclear officer has been found dead and his security pass was stolen.

The concerning development, which occurred on Thursday but was only reported today by Dernière Heure, comes after concerns the Brussels bombers had been plotting to create a radioactive “dirty bomb” that would scatter nuclear material in a crowded public place.

The security officer was reportedly shot dead as he walked his dog in the city of Charleroi. Authorities quickly cancelled his pass.

While the motive for the murder remains unknown, police are looking into the theory he was killed to steal his pass and gain access to a nuclear facility.

But the Express claims that now is the right time to strike ISIS.

ISLAMIC State could be destroyed by the summer if Western ground forces mount a “short sharp shock” operation in Syria, senior military figures claim.

Losing their territory would leave the caliphate’s ruthless leaders without their most valuable recruiting tool.

Crucially, they would also be less able to direct attacks like the one that shook Belgium last week.

“IS is on the back foot so there is a chance now to cut the head off the snake,” said Colonel Hamish de Bretton-Gordon, former commander of the British Army’s Joint Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Regiment, last night.

“Without territory, it will weaken and diminish. From a military and counterterrorism perspective, IS is defeatable if we do it wholeheartedly and soon.”


The Guardian reports on the business bosses who signed a letter backing Brexit.

A group of 250 business leaders, including the former boss of HSBC, have added their voice to the Brexit campaign, saying that EU membership harms the UK’s economic prospects.

The Vote Leave campaign said the list of business people showed that while many of Britain’s largest companies backed staying in the EU, entrepreneurs would vote in large numbers to leave in the upcoming referendum.

Last month, the bosses of some of Britain’s biggest companies, including budget airline easyJet, defence contractor BAE Systems and oil group Shell, signed a letter in support of the UK remaining inside the European Union.

The Express reports a poll showing Brits would back a European free trade area over remaining in the EU.

BRITONS would vote for a European free trade area ahead of remaining in the EU, a survey reveals.

In an echo of the UK’s last referendum on Europe in 1975, 58 per cent polled for think tank the Bruges Group said they would prefer the UK to be part of the European Free Trade Association (EFTA).

That compares to 42 per cent who prefer to stay in the EU. The feeling was shared in Scotland, despite the SNP’s pro-EU policy.

According to the Opinium poll, 52 per cent preferred EFTA over EU membership. It comes as 250 business leaders said they supported Britain quitting the EU.


The Star claims that errors at the Ministry of Defence have cost taxpayer £344million in just one year.

MILITARY chiefs wasted £344million on doomed projects and cock-ups last year.

The revelation comes as servicemen and women are suffering morale-sapping cuts and staff reductions.

The amount frittered away could have paid the average wage of 17,200 soldiers or bought 40 Apache helicopters, 86 Challenger 2 tanks or three new F35 fighter jets.

The shocking scale of waste in just 12 months is today laid bare in the annual report from the Ministry of Defence (MoD).

It reveals a string of aborted programmes, write-offs and careless book-keeping.

Border force

The BBC reports Labour claims of cuts planned for our border force.

Shadow home secretary Andy Burnham quoted force members as saying they had been told to expect cuts of 6% in the next financial year and the one after.

In a letter to Home Secretary Theresa May, he said making savings now in the wake of the Brussels terrorist attacks would be a “very serious mistake”.

The Home Office told the BBC the Border Force’s budget for the next two years was still being finalised.

In the wake of the Brussels bombings, the government said it was deploying more Border Force staff to strengthen checks at UK entry points.

But Mr Burnham accused the home secretary of “going to great lengths” to conceal further cuts planned for the agency.

ITV has a similar story.

‘Damaging’ Border Force cuts that could put “our country at risk” are being planned by the Government, the Labour party has claimed.

According to Andy Burnham whistle-blowers working within the Force leaked information about a meeting last week in which they were told to expect cuts of 6%, or £88m, in the next two financial years prompting warnings about national security.

However the Home Office has told the BBC the Border Force’s budget for the next two years is still being finalised.

Foreign aid

The Mail reports on the millions we give away in foreign aid.

Singing coaches are flying around the world at vast public expense teaching traditional British folk songs in developing countries.

Among the ballads being passed on to help promote ‘better understanding between cultures’ are Hey Ho!, Scarborough Fair and I’ll Tell Me Ma.

Last night furious critics asked how the £1.1 million project called World Voice could be justified when budget cuts were being made to services in Britain.

Jonathan Isaby, Chief Executive of the TaxPayers’ Alliance, said the amount of cash lavished on the initiative ‘beggars belief’.

‘People will be shocked that such large amounts of their hard-earned cash have been poured into this highly questionable programme.

And the Mail has started a No. 10 petition to have the foreign aid reviewed.

Stop the madness now: As another £12billion of your taxes are splurged on aid including hand-outs for terrorists and killers, if you care about the UK’s spending on foreign aid, sign our petition now.

The Mail on Sunday has launched a petition on the official Parliamentary website calling on the Government to scrap the law requiring us to spend a fixed 0.7 per cent of national wealth on foreign aid. The figure is currently £12 billion and will rise to £16 billion by 2020.

Rather than helping people who desperately need it, much of this money is wasted and the Great British Giveaway fuels corruption, funds despots and corrodes democracy in developing nations.

If you want to stop this madness and see that our money is better spent, click here:


The Star claims that ecstasy pills are being disguised as Chupa Chups sweets.

ECSTASY pills carrying the name of a kiddies’ treat are laced with a chemical dubbed Dr Death.as advised people to be careful when buying the pills

The tablets bearing the Chupa Chups lollies logo are flooding party venues across the UK, the Daily Star Sunday can reveal.

But tests show many are rogue pills containing PMA – a substance which has already killed more than a dozen Brits.

The “Chupa Chups” are being shipped from Amsterdam and Germany on the black market or sent by post for just over £1-per-pill.