After a couple of months of inertia and public ridicule caused by the Bolton fiasco I was getting confident that a new openness and trust was developing between the organisations and factions within UKIP that would, in time, again make the party a viable choice come election time.

A moderate libertarian-leaning party will always, by dint of the nature of its membership, have a fair number of gadflies and loons and I suspect that eccentricity and the fun it brings makes the otherwise dour nature of political debate more palatable to many of the party faithful.

Without individualism, there can be no original thought. On this site, on Kipper Central and MBGA, protagonists can and do engage in robust debate, but generally, we all have a common core of unwritten values, mores and rules that we stick to.  

We don’t use foul language, we don’t engage in ad-hominem attacks and we are tolerant of people’s religions, sexuality and political beliefs, whether we agree with them or not.

As such UKIP has a clause within its rules which proscribes current or past membership of certain political groups that are either blatantly racist, encourage violence or are extremely intolerant.

The demographic profile of UKIP, as evidenced by my MK I eyeballs at the Birmingham EGM, is quite old and quite conservative – with a small ‘c’.  The vast majority of the 1500 who turned up did so because they had something to say and had something to do about the Bolton fiasco. They made the effort and spent good money to travel to Birmingham precisely because they felt that the unwritten rules of play were violated by Bolton/Marney and they wanted it sorted out. Old rivals shook hands and slapped backs, faces were put to names, there was a sense of unity and camaraderie which often comes out of near fatal conflict. It was a new beginning.

I would bet, given the demographics I refer to, that most the 1500 remember aspects of the Second World War and its aftermath. Some even lived through it. Some –  I spoke to a couple –  even were the offspring of refugees who fled from Germany. I would bet that out of that good 1500 only a tiny fraction would ever countenance even flirting with any other person or political group that worships Nazism – because they have experienced the consequences.

Late last year, the YI had to cancel its conference, at short notice, because it feared attacks by ‘Antifa’ due to the fact it had invited a certain Martin Sellner, leader of the “New Right” Identitarian Movement of Austria, as speaker. The leaders of YI protested loudly that their rights of Free Speech were interrupted, they blamed the Police for not protecting them. The usual ‘It’s the MSM trying to shut us down!’ shouts were expressed and repeated by a few commentators on this site trying to justify that meeting. It was a meeting that never should have been organised in the first place.

Since then YI has contributed to the UKIP movement by energetic use of social media and there have been encouraging signs that lessons regarding mass communication techniques can be learned from them.  So, imagine my shock when on Thursday night I received a communication telling me that YI were reconvening their meeting, at a place yet to be disclosed, where the key speaker is again Martin Sellner!

Make no bones about it, Sellner is an out and out Nazi, a white supremacist who is well known in Europe and idolised by fools here. I asked Luke Nash-Jones, editor of MBGA, for some intelligence and reproduce his answer verbatim, with his kind permission:

“I turned down Young Independence’s request that I finance this event. There are many good, passionate Britons who challenge political correctness, and would make a fine speaker – so why on earth are YI paying for this Martin Sellner to come to the UK for a jolly?

Anne-Marie Waters is not a Nazi, and I was disgusted when that article by Farage labelled her a racist. I can’t make such positive remarks on this Sellner 
because only a few years ago he was part of the Nazi circle in Austria, and he was accused (it seems that he did) of running one of the main German-language actual Nazi websites (to those in comments below, Google is at your fingertips!) it’s no secret that he is alleged to have ran Alpen-Donau, and GI is a rebrand for ‘positive optics’.
This isn’t a word I use lightly. I know that patriots are often mislabelled racist. I myself am no lefty snowflake – I have often spoken out against mass migration and Sharia law, so if I call something racist, or bigoted, it genuinely is.

Investigating newly arising political groups to see which the People’s Charter Foundation should and should not work with, I spoke to Generation Identitaire’s management in Europe, and found that they strongly dislike me for my rejection of their core belief. They promote white supremacist ideals that they hide under a banner of “ethnopluralism”.  Basically they support racial apartheid. They are former Nazis who’ve rebranded for good ‘optics’ as the European equivalent to the US white nationalist Richard Spencer.

When I said I’d sooner have a black man like Kurten, who loves our culture, as my neighbour, than a white Marxist like Corbyn, they just kept going on about ethnic purity: they use ethnicity to refer to race.

UKIP is lost post-Brexit, because it was formed by city boys who wanted to leave the EU, to escape the economic protectionism, so they can flood Britain with cheap imports for a quick buck. They played the immigration card, but they don’t really want to close our borders. Meanwhile, others who’ve joined UKIP since, want more, but there is a continual, horrendous failure to find a healthy, sensible populist message. Either UKIP sits around doing nothing, or talks only about Islam. Meanwhile, a lunatic fringe of UKIP’s youth wing have some weird Nazi fetish, running pathetic secret Facebook groups.

UKIP needs a full, proper broad populist message, talking about the need to stop outsourcing jobs (raise import tax), the need to cut migration, the need to reduce house prices, and very crucially, the need to challenge cultural Marxism, the ‘soyboy’ culture.”¹

I have made the point, often, on this site and elsewhere, about the dangers of the fetishism of Fascism. I understand the attraction … As PJ O’Rourke once said: 

“No one has ever had a fantasy about being tied to a bed and sexually ravished by someone dressed as a liberal”²

But YI has an unhealthy obsession with the so-called Alt-Right, and I sense it has more to do with fashion and sexual fetishism than it has to do with politics.  It’s the school that breeds Jo Marney and all that that brings.  It’s the school of leader-worship and political uniforms and it’s a road that leads to political oblivion.

I don’t normally do censorship but I implore the NEC and Gerard Batten, if they can’t dissuade or stop it, to disassociate UKIP from this meeting which is due to take place in just over a week.  Failure to do so will bring the press and media down on the party like a ton of bricks and put UKIP in the public eye for all the wrong reasons.


Don’t Let the Kiddies Play with Matches.


1) Luke Nash-Jones to Kevin Baverstock and Viv Evans, private correspondence.

2) Attributed to PJ O’Rourke

Ed: While UKIP has always stood for Free Speech and abhors the Left’s “No Platforming”, this invitation is bound to deliver ammunition to the MSM and the Left Groups who delight in smearing UKIP as akin to the proscribed BNP. The points raised by Mr Bav and Luke Nash-Jones in the article above need urgent, further debate.