Dear Editor –

I wish to express a few comments to you, your readers and UKIP on the subject of my interpretation of “false news” which has almost reached epidemic levels.

I am referring to the number of instances where an event of magnitude is given big licks in documentary form on television, discussed in great depth, and relevant authorities chastised for their apparent collective failure to identify the wrong-doing over a long period. Often it is blamed on their not wanting to disturb race relations or even offend PC in any way.

I have been watching an apparently well documented and well presented case of the Rochdale “Betrayed Girls” on BBC One TV, which is in fact another “Go” at one I saw a month or so ago. The main difference appeared to be to show now the intervention and influence of the BNP and EDL and to slam them for making it into a racial issue. It was also presented as an apologia for police inaction. But whatever way it was presented, they could not disguise that in the main it had been the illegal abuse by Pakistani men of underage white girls in similar fashion in many towns throughout the UK, as distinct from “Asians”, which they had to admit when it was apparent there were few whites involved.

The way I understood it was that the BNP and EDL had been pointing out that this was part of the the general Islamic “culture”, i.e what I have been saying for a long time: their attitude to their own women, never mind  the “apostate” outsiders, presumably backed up by their religious doctrine – the usual “they’re thugs (substitute for terrorists) but they are absolutely nothing to do with the pure “us” of the peaceful Islam”.

Oh well – I`ve news for them! A few years ago I sat in the car on a Sunday evening listening to a “File on 4” broadcast in which the BBC reporter investigated what home life was like for women in Muslim families and how they were treated  by their menfolk.

Strangely it was very much like the way the white girls were being treated out on the streets in many Northern towns. In essence these women have no rights – period, and those of no faith, even less.

Strange how this was absent from the present BBC programmes …

… and then there is the case of the Grenfell Tower – apparently the Enquiry is going to be limited to “Whatdunnit”, no hope of apportioning blame to the motley crew of local government and even less of national government officials – that could be dangerous, someone from the elite could actually end up being found responsible and … punished

… and then there was Hillsborough …

… and then there was Jimmy Saville …

… and now there is the Jersey childrens` abuse cases

There’s something rotten still in our ship of state.

But – overall there is one gigantic “evasion” that always never gets a mention, whether it`s a discussion on the latest crisis in the A & E departments of the NHS, whether it is the shortage of GPs, whether it is the shocking underpayment of all public service workers in the guise of “austerity” limitations or the attitude of elitist neighbours to their “Pleb” counterparts, or the 20,000 shortage of policemen in counteracting terrorism and crime generally.

Of course the financial crash of 2008 is a base cause and a general drawing in of our horns was and still is necessary, but in every discussion of these difficulties, I have yet to hear one word about another root cause – “Bulk Immigration”!

For far too many years this country has endured the figurative addition of cities the size of Coventry or Leicester into the services and space of our infrastructure. Yes, many have contributed to our economy – yet: what conscious effort has been made to expand our service base to accommodate the requirements of such numbers?

Housing shortage scandals and overcrowding of schools are indicators, although not the only ones, of the problem of this imposition on a system that was already coping with being “Full up”.

There are “cuts” due to the necessity for austerity, but it should be mentioned the effect of these are compounded with the real, “unmentioned/deliberately (?) ignored “ problem: that of sheer numbers of immigration which is then again compounded by another “unmentionable”: the characteristics of a section of these immigrants whose religion is at odds with the law of our country. The basis and teachings of its attitude to its own and indeed all women is at best uncivilised or non-PC and at worst illegal.

Just as those responsible for the Grenfell Tower block disaster should be identified and held to account, so should the dissemblers in our MSM and political class (I mean all parties!) be required to put policies into effect that at least lead to  a cessation of “digging the hole”.

We cannot begin to effectively deal with any of the past wrongs or indeed the present situation until the totality of population numbers is brought to a manageable level. The first of these measures must be to limit substantially immigration numbers.

Sincerely yours

Roger Turner


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Viv Evans, E-i-C