Globalism is the second major threat to our freedom to live as we please. Its tentacles reach almost every aspect of our lives and its means are insidious. Either people are simply not interested or those who dare to discuss it are dismissed as conspiracy theorists. Further research on the document which prompted me to write these articles (“National Security Strategy and Strategic Defence and Security Review 2015 – A Secure and Prosperous United Kingdom”) reveals that the production of that document was preceded by meetings with representatives of the EU to manage its content. It seems that defence cuts too have been a part of the strategy to integrate with the EU.

Reference to the above link reveals the extent of planned integration of our armed forces with those of the EU and the means adopted to support that. Were government to have accepted the result of our referendum and intended to honour the result we would have seen a cessation of such activities and a statement that the Defence Review must be updated. Contrary to that those activities continue and can only be taken as an indication of intent to ignore the referendum result. I have already submitted a letter to UKIP Daily in the hope of getting the attention of the leadership and its only MP who must raise the issue in Parliament.

The EU is but one area in the UN’s drive towards a New World Order. We must exit, and soon, leaving no remnants of that relationship which could be used to justify our rejoining. Hopefully we may conspire with our friends in Europe to ensure its destruction and remove that risk.

However the bigger fish with its intent to swallow all nations in pursuit of its stated intent of a World Government is the UN. Its supporters meet for collective preening at various high profile and expensive gatherings throughout the year. Only the best in hotels travel and conference facilities is good enough; all enjoyed at our expense and removing them ever further from the reality faced by most of those taxpayers.

But the real danger is in their policies, pursued with determination in the knowledge that they will never be challenged by the ordinary folk. They see them as a beneficial organisation thanks to their famine relief activities and so-called peacekeeping missions which seem to consist of standing by and watching the enemies get on with it.

Until the UN drops its globalist agenda (doubtful) and the various strategies which support it such as AGW, then it must be defunded. Hopefully we have an ally in Trump to bring them to heel.

Globalism: Removing its influence

If we accept remaining in the UN (at least for now) then we must insist on representation proportionate to contribution. It is wrong that small countries with correspondingly small contributions are allowed an equal vote. If May were not a globalist then a shared strategy with Trump for constraining the UN might be possible. We must insist that Agenda 21 is discarded along with any ideas of a World Government.

None of those changes are likely; we will be outvoted. Nevertheless we must give them the opportunity in order that we may use the expected response as a trigger for our leaving and withdrawing from any associated agreements. As ever cutting off the money supply will work better than words.

The globalists will be hard to defeat; when one strategy fails they will simply come up with another one under the guise of some “necessary” initiative such as a trade deal or some more “evidence” of climate change, the zombie apocalypse or something equally improbable and the means to avoid it.

We do not need a World Government as we can act as allies when required without integration; after all it has happened that way before. The savings will come in useful too so long as we can prevent our own politicians from squandering on something else. At least we can vote them out.

NATO is another organisation which must be watched carefully; it has done good work in the past but now seems more likely to promote a war than avoid one.

Maybe the books of Huxley and Orwell should be compulsory reading in our schools. After all convincing the uninformed masses to leave their social media accounts and TV for a while and engage with reality will not be easy.

Defence spending has to increase but must be rigorously controlled. The present budget of 45.6bn allocated to “defence” matters includes 9.4bn for foreign military and economic aid. That needs to be diverted immediately for military use at home which will effectively increase the real defence spending by over 25%. As I have mentioned before it cannot be based on an arbitrary number pulled out of thin air.

Defence as defined by the Defence Review is a broad subject and there is much more that needs to be discussed. Hopefully this short series of articles will trigger some of that discussion. It is also an extremely important subject and the many abuses by government continue despite their claim to honour the referendum result. UKIP would be unwise to go into a General Election without a full and workable defence policy fit for an independent nation. It needs to find a shadow Defence Minister with the right experience to oversee its development. That need is pressing as the job will take many months to complete, check and gain approval.


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