Wikipedia gives the following definition of de-facto political rule:

“A de facto government is a government wherein all the attributes of sovereignty have, by usurpation, been transferred from those who had been legally invested with them to others, who, sustained by a power above the forms of law, claim to act and do really act in their stead.”

We’ve seen our sovereignty usurped by a Common Market that quietly morphed into the European Union and very nearly a European super-state.  Unfortunately, after taking a huge step towards freeing ourselves from the EU, we’re much closer than you may think to being similarly dominated by Islam; with the blessing of the globalists of course.

Immigration into the UK is currently running at about 0.6% per annum, nearly half a million people a year. In New Zealand and Australia, with their smaller populations, the situation is even worse, around a 1.3%. The excuses given by the Marxist Left or Globalists just don’t hold water, ie: ‘we need the extra people to help maintain our aging populations.’ Letting in millions of uneducated fake refugees, who will never have more than menial jobs at best, will only make things worse, much worse. I haven’t quoted sources on this, because according to a leading supermarket chain: ‘the amount of food we’re selling indicates a much larger UK population than the official figures suggest.’

Much of the immigration into the UK, as we all know, is Islamic. It is predicted by various sources that Islam will be the leading religion in the UK in around ten years. We in the UK have a rapidly growing Muslim population that is becoming increasingly hostile and militant towards us. Here is an article and video from Breitbart that shows a recent Muslim demonstration in London, the Muslims are demanding a Caliphate in the UK and Sharia law.

There are far too many instances now of Islamic demands and militancy, mostly covered up and unreported by the Mainstream Media, but sometimes we get a hint. According to an article in The Telegraph, Air Chief Marshal Sir Stuart Peach has stated that: ‘many Jihadists are hiding in plain sight amongst migrant flows.’

The fact is, the Muslims have no time for us and our way of life. This is what Turkey’s PM Erdogan said:

“The term “moderate Islam” is ugly and offensive — Islam is Islam”

I believe that Erdogan is correct. The Muslims are here not to integrate with us but to assimilate us with Islam – or to kill us. In other words, they are invaders. Why else would we need the SAS to patrol our shopping malls a Christmas?

The Islamic invasion is an ongoing disaster for us Brits. It has placed us in an extremely dangerous existential crisis and it has been aided and abetted by successive British governments. It is unbelievable that the governments that we’ve trusted to represent us could betray us in such a way, and it is hard to understand why. It is significant though that in the US for example the Clinton Foundation has been financially supported by Saudi Arabia to effectively fund nefarious operations in the Middle East. I’m sure this is a can of worms that has barely been opened.

Will future history books reveal the extent to which our own politicians have been in the pay of the Saudis? You can imagine: generations of our starry eyed politicians, enticed onto the global stage with the promise, behind the scenes,  of lucrative wealth. Whatever the reality, our politicians are certainly guilty of treason.

According to the Cambridge Dictionary,

“(the crime of) showing no loyalty to your country, especially by helping its enemies or trying to defeat its government; in 1606 Guy Fawkes was executed for treason.”

If what I suspect is true, then our politicians, from Heath to Blair to Cameron, if their globalist aspirations fail, will be nothing more than traitors and are as likely to end in jail as is Hillary Clinton amongst others. Particularly worrying is their total support for our Islamic invaders, who are protected by the police and released by the Judiciary without prosecution when they rape and kill.

If we so much as complain about what is happening, we’re racists, xenophobes and threatened with prosecution. Any group that speaks out against our government or Islam – and it is ‘fake news’ which must be shut down! This is totalitarian behaviour by our government which has teamed up with another totalitarian regime, Islam, to subjugate and persecute us. The Muslims are very close to being the de-facto rulers of our country.

History abounds with de-facto rulers or sovereigns, from Oliver Cromwell to Napoleon to Mussolini. Very often these de-facto rulers become the official sovereign as was the case with Mussolini. It does not require a majority to establish a de-facto sovereignty, just focus, dedication or even fanaticism. The Muslims have plenty of all three. So, I hope you will realise that with their influence on our government, the Muslims are extremely close to being the de-facto rulers of our country, if they are not already. As their population grows they are very likely become the official rulers.

Not only are we being invaded by a hostile, totalitarian and incompatible culture, this invasion is being facilitated by the government that we elected and naively trusted to represent us. Our successive governments are just as much the enemy as Islam: this is an unfortunate fact that we must face if we are to survive and protect our families and our children’s future. If we don’t face reality and prepare for the unfortunate conflict to come, we (and much of the Western world) may very well become the victims of the next holocaust.