YouGov/Sun poll – Libs drop to 5%, a 25 year polling low. CON 36%, LAB 34%, LDEM 5%, UKIP 14%, GRN 6%

Nigel Farage’s piece in the Telegraph today, before our immigration policy launch later today

A weasel flying a woodpecker, worth a look if you haven’t seen it already

City A.M.
– UK sells off £750m stake in Eurostar in boost to George Osborne’s “long-term economic plan”
– Has Ukip just abandoned its immigration cap? Nigel Farage rejects “abitrary targets
Daily Mail
Editorial: It’s insane to make excuses for a sadistic serial killer like Jihadi John
– Jihadism is all corrupt Britain’s fault, says Brand: Comedian rants on YouTube that society is forcing young to turn to ISIS

– Possessing ANY drug should not be criminal offence, says Clegg: Lib Dem leader pledges to press ahead with decriminalisation plans despite warnings it will wreck lives
– I’d love to kill off free banking, says Barclays boss on £5.5m a year: Antony Jenkins says fees would be a ‘step forward’

– Now bins are emptied just once a month: Labour-run council becomes first in UK to announce trial of four-weekly collections

The Express
Editorial: Do whatever is necessary to stop more child abuse
– Ukip call for five year ban on unskilled migrants entering Britain
– Theresa May pledges to keep Tory immigration target – despite repeated failure to meet it
– Ukip leader Nigel Farage: I WON’T make a good Prime Minister
Financial Times
Editorial: Netanyahu’s brazen challenge to Obama
– Tax havens linked to London property
– Concerns raised over Mark Carney’s BoE revolution
– UK defence sector in peril of losing teeth
The Guardian
Editorial: The Guardian view on child sex abuse: right questions, wrong answers
– Election 2015: support for Ukip among Gen Y voters doubles in a year
– Focus on green tech to tackle climate change, says UK’s climate adviser
– Farage to propose new immigration watchdog and five-year ban on unskilled migrants
The Independent

– Nick Clegg makes new appeal to the young by promising drug laws overhaul
– Tory minister backtracks on benefits remark
– Families still worse off than when Tories came to power, study claims
– Ed Miliband vows Labour would bring in ‘Turing’s law’ pardoning prosecuted gay men
The Mirror
– Tory MP “kindly sponsors” hospital radio show – and then claims the cash back on expenses
– Nigel Farage and UKIP want to ditch rules designed to stop killers like ‘Dr Death’ Harold Shipman
The Sun
Editorial: EVERYONE’S sorry – very, very sorry – about the babies who died at Furness General Hospital and the hundreds of raped children in Oxford. BRITAIN needs its nuclear deterrent. In an increasingly dangerous world, that should be beyond dispute.

– 11 babies and a mum needlessly died. How can it not be criminal?
– 75% of wannabe Labour MPs want to scrap Britain’s Trident nuclear missiles
– Bojo calls for Licence Fee to be axed
– Drinkers’ joy as George cuts price of a pint
The Telegraph
Editorial: This is no time for a rift in the West over Israel
Editorial: Mohammed Emwazi has only himself to blame
– Our glorious, fragile parliament – and its hungry, scurrying mice
– Ukip will not set ‘arbitrary’ immigration targets, says Nigel Farage
– The economic case for legalising cannabis
The Times
Editorial: Paul Gambaccini is innocent. So why is he £200k poorer?
– Call for national debate on Muslim sex grooming
– Labour wants more tax from non-doms
– Mirror ‘hacked 100 celebrities every day
– Police used me as fly paper to attract sex claims, says DJ
– Defence cuts will deal a fatal blow to military, experts warn
UKIP Website
– Cameron’s plans on CSE are “too little, too late
– James Carver MEP calls for spirited defence of the cider industry
– 0930 LONDON: Commons education select committee holding evidence session on starting school.
– 1015 LONDON: Ed Davey, Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change, will make an energy policy announcement.
– 1030 LONDON: UK National Defence Association launches pre-election defence commentaries.
– 1100 LONDON: Ukip immigration speech. Nigel Farage, deputy leader Paul Nuttall and migration spokesman Steven Woolfe will unveil Ukip’s Immigration policy.
– 1200 LONDON: Prime Minister’s Questions.
– 1245 LONDON: Sir Richard Branson and Nick Clegg discuss drugs policy.
– 1800 LONDON: Lord Ashcroft releasing latest marginal polling.
– 1900: Jeremy Hunt on LBC radio.

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