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Courant Times, Sunday 10th August 2014

UKIP:- Guardian: Rising UKIP star on Roma in the UK, vaccines and racist gardeners:

Common Sense:- Redditch Standard: Local businessman selected to contest Redditch for UKIP:

EUreka:- Brussels plots fresh City of London power grab:

RT: Moscow’s food ban could cost $16bn and spark a crisis in Europe:

Mediaocre:- Telegraph: Why Boris could be the Tories secret weapon against Nigel Farage:

Guardian: Labour set to lose more than 15% of their MP’s set to quit before next General Election:

Breitbart: Hezbollah & Iran flags, Netanyahu effigies, and Cameron’s head on a stick:

London’s latest anti Israel protest: Telegraph: Home Office screw up allows double murderer into UK:

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