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Courant Times – Tuesday 16th June 2015

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5 Comments on Courant Times – Tuesday 16th June 2015

  1. pamela preedy // June 17, 2015 at 6:18 pm //

    George Osborne was standing in for Cameron on PM’s Questions today. In reply to one question about terrorism/terrorist organisations he said something along the lines of ‘Government funding should never have been given to these organisations, they were granted under Labour and they will be/have been stopped. But why weren’t they stopped 5 years ago?? Lib Dem idiocy?

  2. Breeding ground for jihadi’s….. We know this is going on in Dewsbury and in other areas of the UK with an ever increasing number of our citizens being radicalised. Many voters in the UK continue to believe that staying in the EU is goingb to help solve this problem, others prefer to remain ignorant about what is really going on. What many of us don’t know is the UK Government appears to be actually supporting the ‘al shabaab’ jihadists by funding certain organisations. Is it DfID who is doing this? Who knows.
    Here is a short piece from a recent report in Kenya where there have been many fanatical attacks by al shabaab.
    “The Kenya Ministry of Foreign Affairs has sent “notes verbal” to the governments of the UK, the USA, Finland and Norway requesting them to stop funding civil society organisations such as Haki Africa and Muslims for Human
    Rights which are allegedly supporting al Shabaab. In particular, they are thought to be raising funds to pay for legal representation for al Shabaab suspects”.
    With British Jihadists actively operating in Kenya and involved in mass killings and random attacks, it beggars belief what this hypocritical government here in the UK is up to. The time has come for every right minded British Citizen to speak out about the damage that the EU and Cameron are doing to British Culture, democracy and the ability to rule ourselves. UKIP should find out more and tackle this issue head on.

  3. pamela preedy // June 17, 2015 at 9:54 am //

    Re: “Breeding ground for jihadis” article. One can only hope that this area of Dewsbury is under constant surveillance by the counter-terrorist authorities. The Conservative councillors who gave the cricket ground up to the Moslems – so, little by little our country and culture is given away.

  4. No doubt the attacks from the establishment will not only continue, but escalate.

    So probably best not to take the bait and continue to push out the message which many still do not understand; that the EU would mean the end of democracy.

    Of course there will be a good number who are simply not interested (but hopefully will not vote either) or who have swallowed the pro EU bait hook line and sinker.

    Hopefully that leaves a sufficient number who might still be convinced.

    • There’s a huge number that are uninformed about the benefits of leaving the EU, that is where the UKIP foot soldiers come in.

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