On the 25th February 1962, Heather wrote to Roger, an Assistant Purser on a ship bound for the West Coast of Africa:

“Well what do you think is going to happen over this Common Market business?..things seem to be “hotting up”

Roger replied on the 10th March 1962, having already put pen to paper the previous year to a question on the same subject.

“I would hate to think that we are not getting sufficient guarantees for the Commonwealth”

“……… I think basically the idea is sound in that we shall provide a mutually larger market, but that I think is where the mistake is being made in assessing the prospects of the market in not looking into it further. There are snippets of gossip about political ties; I think this is going to be a feature of the union after so many 100`s of years of evolution, revolution and war.  France Britain and Germany are actually agreeing to consider a political union. If we can agree, there is hope for the world at large – this could form the basis for in, a couple of hundred year’s time, “World Government”. I think this is a desirable object to seek; mind you, I don`t think this is the purpose of the Market, but I do think we will gradually go in that direction”.

Heather replied on 18th March

“………. On the Common Market topic I`m sorry for Canada, Australia and New Zealand and for that reason I am slightly anti.”

……… and that brings me nicely on to the subject of the Commonwealth, about which a number of  readers of UKIP Daily will know I have become increasingly concerned.

There appears to be no intention on the part of UKIP to reset or re-engage in what I regard as a vital business relationship after Brexit; indeed I have written that the Commonwealth was treated shamefully and if we are to trade on a global basis then,  apart from taking the opportunity to right this wrong, this  should be our stepping stone back to legitimising our permanent position on the security council, as a `real` voice acting globally and independently.

I joined UKIP in 2009, viewing it as the “last or only hope” for ever getting out of this awful EU entrapment, as it had become and was pleased to hear that re-engagement with the Commonwealth was one of its  priorities, indeed the 2010 Manifesto  really confirmed my hope that at last, I had “come home”.

Please read the following:

“Be the party of the Commonwealth.

UKIP will seek to establish a Commonwealth Free Trade Area (CFTA) with the 53 other Commonwealth countries. The Commonwealth Business Council estimates that a CFTA would account for more than 20% of all international trade and investment, facilitating annual trade exchanges worth more than 1.8 trillion and direct foreign investment worth about 100 billion.

Yet the Commonwealth has been shamefully betrayed and neglected by previous  governments, Commonwealth nations share a common language, legal and democratic systems, account for one third of the World population and one quarter of its trade. […] and Britain should not be tied to the dead political weight of the EU, but return to its own friendly trade and cultural links.”

and again in the 2015 Manifesto:

“Britain is not merely a European country, but part of a Global community, the Anglosphere, beyond the EU and even the Commonwealth are a network of nations that share not merely our language, but our own common law, democratic traditions and global trading interests.

From India to the United States

New Zealand to the Caribbean

UKIP would want to foster closer ties with the Anglosphere

We would seek to create a more global Britain, fully able to  pursue her own interests!”

Apart from the acquisition of an “Anglosphere” I am pleased to note from the above that at least UKIP’s intentions are still honourable; perhaps I have been seeking re-assurance in the wrong quarters.

Isn’t it strange to think that it was the visit of Mr. Obama that was the catalyst in affording us this opportunity. In my canvassing during the referendum, I often drew the attention of voters to the fact that Mr.Obama had taken such a controversial step in instructing us to “go to the end of the queue (line)”. Get back in your Box – the EU Care Home for Elderly Failed European Nations, just because he had heard we proposed to quit the EU, bounce back onto the world stage and re-engage with the Commonwealth.

Didn’t he come out of his corner fists flailing and going berserk?  His perception was the good  ‘ol US of A, (an ex colony) having been instrumental in destroying our Empire, was now likely to be faced by this special friend strutting his stuff, as an equal, through the medium  of the Commonwealth – on his patch.

My audience generally got the point and agreed with me.

– I trust UKIP does not intend to let me down and add it to the faux lies of which the new xenophobes (remainiacs, they have now assumed the accolade) accuse us.

UKIP missed one vacuum left immediately after the referendum – we must not miss this Commonwealth opportunity!

Come on UKIP, this is no time for stodge or playing  it safe, we have to be the party of ideas, initiatives and show the attractions of the outside world beyond Brexit. We must have pizzaz, showmanship and sparkle.

Photo by The Travels of AA