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Merkel’s Madness and the Rise of Eurosceptic Politics in Germany

February 13, 2018 // 3 Comments

The Law of Unintended Consequences never fails to astound and delight. Remember back in 2015 when the (then) seemingly unassailable German Chancellor threw open her country’s borders to an almost unquantifiable mass of humanity? Remember how speedily this altruistic but naive and virtue [...]


February 3, 2018 // 6 Comments

The proposed “transition” is a grave constitutional danger and an existential threat to the survival of Britain’s fishing industry and coastal communities. It is now clear that the “transition”, which they have been warning for months would dig the UK into ‘Brexit In Name [...]

Wales: a Study in Sovereignty, Heritage and Sustainable Development

January 31, 2018 // 4 Comments

There is always a problem with global intervention in the sovereign affairs of a nation. It is of even more concern if that nation actively encourages it. The Welsh Government when it launched its White Paper in respect of the Sustainable Development Bill, sought to ensure that sustainable [...]


January 16, 2018 // 3 Comments

European Parliament supports amendments that will see “grotesque” fishing method outlawed, but only UKIP serious about leaving the CFP with Labour voting against leaving and Tories abstaining. UKIP fisheries spokesman, Mike Hookem MEP, has welcomed moves to ban the “grotesque” [...]

UKIP and a Second EU Referendum

January 13, 2018 // 24 Comments

I was shocked and appalled, like most UKIPPERs, that Nigel Farage conceded that a second EU Referendum could be held. He made his comments on the Wright Stuff daytime TV show on January 11th 2018, and it caused such a backlash that he spent the rest of the day backtracking on what he had said. [...]

Put National Interest Above Party Division!

January 11, 2018 // 6 Comments

I am calling on all British MEPs to show some national unity to defeat EU measures which seek to legitimise and expand the role of electro-pulse fishing in British waters in the following letter, setting out how British fishing communities face oblivion in the face of expanded electro-pulse fishing [...]

Immigration – concerns on both sides of the Channel

December 17, 2017 // 4 Comments

At a time when positive news on the Brexit front seems to be in short supply, the latest immigration figures, which were published last week have brought some welcome cheer. Long term net migration fell by 106,000 to 230,000 in the year following the vote to leave the EU – the biggest drop [...]

A Europe We Can Believe In: A Family Policy We Can Support

November 1, 2017 // 16 Comments

In May, a group of conservative intellectuals from across Europe, including British philosopher Sir Roger Scruton, met in Paris. They were brought together by their concern about the ‘false Europe’ currently promoted by the continent’s governing class, arrogant liberals, virtue-signalling [...]

Cash-starved and over-stretched: the UK’s Border Force

October 26, 2017 // 12 Comments

Photo Credit: The Office of Mike Hookem MEP, caption: Yorkshire & North Lincolnshire MEP, Mike Hookem, stands next to the Royal Navy training ship, HMS Archer, while on a visit to Grimsby fishing docks.   Theresa May’s Tory government is sowing the seeds of chaos to leave the EU in name [...]
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