In World War 2 around 135,000 British military personnel were held as Prisoners of War by the Germans.  Despite the personal support of Hitler and the efforts of Goebbels, the National Socialists’ struggles to persuade incarcerated personnel to join their British Free Corps to fight the communists resulted in less than 100 taking the bait, ie less than one in a thousand.  Better conditions, access to women and, in a few cases, real support for the Nazis from a handful of former British Union of Fascist members appear to have been the main motivations.

Some would fight, with the last to die in combat succumbing near the Reichstag in Berlin, just a week before the war in Europe ended.  The lone BFC turncoat was shot dead by a dismounted Russian tanky who had just had his tank shot from under him by the Brit and his anti-tank rocket team.  Justice was served.

After the war the government went to great lengths to track down the BFC survivors and lock them up.  In the case of its founder, John Amery, the ne’er-do-well son of the British Cabinet Minister, Leo Amery, his guilty plea to treason led to a brief meeting with Albert Pierrepoint and a short drop.

What happens to today’s jackals who turn on the country, take part in genocidal attacks on Yazidis and others, rape and enslave at will and then return to the welfare state when it gets a little rough for the wee tinkers in their collapsing desert paradise?  Well, head back to the old patch, answer a few questions – none too probing of course – and bob’s your uncle, back on the lam. No prison, no dispatch with extreme prejudice, no pulling of passports, no need to contemplate or confront your crimes.

So, our clever clogs in the security services, the pc police and the social services all toe the politicians line, thus no unseemly prosecutions need take place.  This allows the bad apples to infest others and, double-whammy, astonishes and demoralises the law-abiding who thought such beasts would be booted into the clink or out of the country.  The message to the jihadis is that elements of their community can hail the conquering hero, and at the same time delight in rubbing the noses of the tax-paying, law-abiding mugs deep into the filth.  But, best of all the self-righteous Hampstead Heath crowd can continue to look down their noses at the great unwashed and snort at their talk of treason. That went out with the ark! Or, coincidence no doubt, Tony Blair and New Labour (NWO).    

Figures are bandied about without analysis as that might be disturbing and the thinking can be left to the intelligence-led policing apparatus – God save us…  We are told that 3,000 active individuals are being monitored and around 20,000 more are “of interest” – ie, will slip through the net rather easily and can kill later.  What happens when these numbers increase?

I remember watching a French Minister stating that each active individual needs a 30-person surveillance team to monitor them.  Quick calculation – 3,000 jackals times 30, equals 90,000 government funded operators. That looks a little too many – we only have 78,000 soldiers in the Army right now.  

So, in reality we will be deploying nowhere near that number of MI5 types and thus allow many active jihadi plotters to roam free, with the authorities just keeping their fingers crossed and their boilerplate-excuse PR releases prepped with blanks for the dates, locations etc.  I reckon that is what is actually happening right now. But what happens when the numbers go up and up, as the Prevent programme fails to do what it says on the tin?

If British troops in World War 2 had been “turned/radicalised” in similar proportions to the jihadis in our midst, how many of the 135,000 prisoners of war would have been rocketing T-34s in Berlin?  If the Muslim population of this country is just over 6%, yet they have produced 30 times more turncoats than the 47 million Brits managed in the whole of World War 2, how concerned are the second-raters running the show about the threat from an increasing population of schillers for the Sharia?

We are told the projected Muslim population of the UK in 2050 will be three times what it is today.  As the yanks say, do the math. The surveillance state will need three times as many operators as we currently have soldiers in the Army to effectively monitor just the confirmed jihadi nut-jobs.  Unless of course the really effective Prevent program – which has failed miserably so far – cuts their numbers by a factor of 3. Dream on.

The current crop of jackals represents a sizeable proportion of the people of their faith in this country.  We are talking about a significant enough number to demand that a real dent in their cohort has to somehow be made before the government runs out of money and specialists to effectively combat the threat.  There is a way to do that.

The way is to strike at The Path, The Sharia.  Reform of the law codes is the most direct means to undermine those who threaten free peoples everywhere.  If there is no reform, then the numbers will continue to rise as the motivation, the ideology remains the same.  The number of radicals has gone up geometrically since the author was a lad. I don’t remember a single case of a local Muslim taking terrorist action in the UK until the 5th July, 2005 attacks in London.  Since then there has been an increasing tempo in the rate of attacks, and if this continues the state will be swamped or restrict ever further all subjects rights, just to control this fractious minority.

If the faithful continue to support law codes that threaten and encourage the killing of all apostates from Islam etc, there is no hope of peace being maintained.  The law-abiding are already questioning the application of two sets of rules; one for those who respect – or used to – the law, and one for those who support the import of the 7th century codes of Arabia.

If there is no reform, an interesting experiment will in all probability follow, one which takes place regularly enough elsewhere and can be viewed on Youtube at your leisure – mix jackals with lions, stand back and see what happens.  

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