Of all the British military personnel who imperilled themselves in Hitler’s attempt to subjugate us, there is one who it can be said contributed most to our success in that defining conflict, and that man was Captain Johnnie Walker RN.

His four DSOs and the loss to the U-boats of four of his fighting ships reflect his courage in the face of the enemy.  His task force alone destroyed 28 of the total of 206 U-boats sunk by us in the war, reflecting the unique effectiveness of his methods.  However, even more importantly than the direct results of his actions, his innovations and his aggressive tactics were to be adopted by other convoy escorts of the Royal Navy and our Allies – to similar effect.

It was this creativeness and daring which led Admiral of the Fleet Lord Lewin to mark him, “as a leader of the calibre of Nelson…” whose “…contribution to the winning of the shipping war was immeasurable.”  Who recognises his name today?

Nevertheless, Walker demonstrated why the British have been able to face down supremacists from Phillip II, through Louis XIV, Napoleon, the Kaiser, Hitler and the Soviets, and why we will retain our common law and repel the idea of the Sharia from our shores forever.

An unbending will and an understanding of the requirement to sacrifice oneself, if necessary, to protect our imperfect but free state needed no elucidation to Captain Walker and the largely wartime-only crews of British and Allied personnel who manned and oftentimes went down with his ships.

Such men exist here today, but they are unbidden – for now.  When called, they will rise and, if called upon, adopt his mind-set and keep us free for another generation, handing on the baton once more to the hands of the free.

Whilst Walker’s aim was to protect the merchant marine, which would lose an average of over 1 ship and 14 men EVERY DAY of the 6-year-long war, his method of doing so was to attack – to hunt down and kill the U-boat men and destroy their sleek, lethal vessels.  His instructions make clear why he was so successful, why Britons are a formidable foe, and why we will retain our freedoms in the face of a legal system steeped in discrimination against non-believers and the subjugation of the dhimmi.

Abstract from Captain Walker’s Group Operational Instructions:


“Our job is to kill, and all officers must fully develop the spirit of vicious offensive.  No matter how many convoys we may shepherd through in safety, we shall have failed unless we can slaughter U-boats.  All energies must be bent to this end.”

No equivocation there.  If you pass by his statue in Liverpool, bow your head in recognition of our most effective WWII warrior.

The Sharia-enablers will never have thought much of the likes of Captain Walker, or of his exploits, and his cold-fury terminology will set off the vapours of the fey liberals.  However, he was loved by his crews, admired by his superiors and respected by his foe.  He was a truly effective leader steeped in the lore of anti-submarine warfare and he believed implicitly in the cause of freedom against tyranny.  If necessary, we will see his like again.

I have met a few British military personnel who have been at the very sharpest of edges and pointiest of spears.  Such language would be met by them with a nod of recognition and approval.

It is hoped such blood-stirring objectives are never required again, but our shallow elite need to understand that their weakness in the face of demands for slackening of our civilisation’s norms will call out of the shadows the truly hard men once more.

Already, they watch attentively – noting the fools and the weak who call for compromise over the Sharia and its murderous strictures to kill their apostates, to terminate gays and to de-sex the female.

Some fools need to understand that there are lines that are not even approached, let alone crossed.  Some jeer at a Tory MP who recognises the seriousness of the issue which has been surprisingly acknowledged by the Archbishop of Canterbury.  How long before he starts demanding more of the inter-faith boondoggling Imams and digs into their cover-up of their faith’s history of the routine humiliation – and occasional annihilation – of dhimmis, Hindus, Buddhists et al, wherever they gained the upper hand?

The people of these islands have been patient and amenable to “evolving” in their view of the other.  The same cannot be said of the supporters of the eternal codes of the Sharia.  Their major centres of Islamic law in Al Azhar, in Egypt, and Deoband, in India, still teach and espouse the timeless requirement to cull the apostates, and for their caliph to mount an annual jihad on bordering infidel states.  Not something one will hear over nicely blended fruit juices at the next inter-faith meeting, but behind the closed doors the brothers no doubt mull over and absorb the guidance of the Sharia.

So, the spineless dupes who lead us have got away with being cowards up to now.  However, they are not entirely fools and have begun to feel the warm breath on the back of their necks as the people close up behind them, look over their shoulders and observe, suspiciously, their work at close quarters.  This is possibly why Welby has “come out” – he realises his predecessor’s openness to the Sharia was anathema to not only his own flock, but the secular majority in particular.

Those who feel the onset of despair should reflect on our past and draw heart from it.  Our history is littered with setbacks, defeats, invasions and killing.  What we face today is a faith that demands of its adherents’ criminal behaviours which have been outlawed in this country for generations and in many cases, centuries.  Additionally, the oil weapon weakens by the day and this is recognised by the Saudi and other elites – hence the Prince’s broom sweeping through their corridors of power in what will be a vain attempt to extend the dynasty’s rule.

What is demanded of us now is the spirit, the grit, to stick to our legal “guns”, to let the people of this land know – of all faiths and none – that we are a common people, living under a common law.  Any attempt to impose an alternative will lead to the invocation of that spirit most ably demonstrated by the largely forgotten but nonetheless redoubtable, Captain Walker RN.  May he rest in peace.