Whenever we read about Brexit nowadays in the MSM, it’s about Trade and the economy. Our MSM, especially the BBC, being staunch Remainers (with a very few honourable exceptions), we receive what are patently #fakenews. These news are all based on the long since discredited predictions of “Project Fear”, and still they are being taken for gospel and given prominence. The latest was the gloomy prediction by Madame Lagarde of the IMF who was reported to have ‘downgraded’ the UK’s outlook for 2018 – because of Brexit. Never mind that on the same day we read about growing job numbers and growing manufacturing output, all of course ‘in spite of Brexit’. This has to be deliberate because, as we all know, we’re not out yet, we’re still in it.

Now that everybody in Whitehall and Brussels, in the ‘Remain’ Think Tanks and the few Brexit ones has gone home for Christmas, now that Parliament is in recess, now that we are not bombarded with ‘Project Fear’ headlines there’s one aspect I would like to write about: the breakdown of our society.

By that I don’t mean riots in the streets of our towns and cities, I don’t mean the deplorable conditions of the physical infrastructure in our country nor the patently horrendous situations in schools, GP surgeries and NHS hospitals. I mean the formerly insidious and now blatantly obvious disregard by some in our society who believe that ‘might’ makes ‘right’. ‘Might’ is not just based on them having more money than the rest of us, it is also based on a perceived ‘position of authority’, such as being an MP, and on ‘presence on telly’.

The actual might of the people, of us who voted to Leave – all 17.4 million of us – is negligible for them and for the Remain MSM who are working like the inofficial ‘Ministry of Truth’ for all remainers.

In a democracy, once the voters have decided, it’s for the elected representatives to give concrete form to that decision by acting in Parliament as Government or as Opposition. It is not for unelected outsiders, after the fact, to demand that the voters’ decision be overturned. Above all it is not for unelected outsiders to interfere day in day out by using spurious legal arguments, by involving the Courts of Justice, to stop the government from doing what they had been voted in for to do.

So the latest news are that some Remainers now declare Article 50 had not been triggered at all, really, and must therefore be stopped (see here) – where were they and where was their legal counsel these past 9 months? This is a ‘legal challenge’ dreamed up by a miscontended LibDem who lost her seat in the last GE! But wait for Ms May to stop proceedings, just as we all had to wait for the Courts too decide on Ms Gina Miller’s court case.

Then there are some Scottish Remainers who have now got enough money by crowdfunding to go to court in Scotland, the High Fortress of Remaindom on the one hand which is still dreaming of yet another Independence Referendum (see here). What is especially infuriating – or disgusting – is this:

They want to ask the Court of Session in Edinburgh to refer the issue to the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg for a ruling on whether the UK can change its mind and halt the Article 50 process without the approval of the other 27 member states if voters decide the final deal is unacceptable.”

In other words, these Scots want a foreign court (!) to decide that while we the people had been oh-so-wrong in the first referendum, we can be made to vote in a second referendum because the Remainers, Brussels, the MSM will now be able to show us the error of our ways so that we’ll vote ‘Remain’ the second time round and all will be well.

This is where our society is breaking down: not because of Brexit, but because of the arrogant attitude of powerful Remainers who believe that they have the might (money and position) and therefore the right to pervert the will of the people. I wonder if they cannot be sued for malicious interference with the business of a government elected by the people.

This attitude of ‘might makes right’ has been mirrored in numerous small ways in our society already, from police forces and the Crown Prosecution Services suppressing evidence in rape cases to investigating ‘hate speech’ rather than actual crimes against property, a.k.a burglaries and robberies. It’s also mirrored in the way that the recent wave of #metoo accusations of ‘sexual harassment’ has been magnified to an extent which would have been funny had it not led to the suicide of two politicians who, against all the rules of our formerly civil society under the rule of Law, were not even told what they had been accused of, did not even get the chance to defend themselves, not in any court, but were suspended from their duties. One MP is still hung out to dry.

These events, and this attitude that their might makes them right, giving them the right to dictate to us without having to face the voters in a proper election, this has been slowly seeping in. It’s not ‘because of Brexit’ – to the contrary, it’s ‘because of the EU’, because of Brussels. The Brexit negotiations, the Brexit negotiators sent from the EU, show this to perfection: there’s bullying of our PM, there’s bullying of our representatives, as if we were a Third-World country begging to be allowed in! This is in fact how Brussels regards these negotiations, and it would not surprise me at all if we find that EU lawyers concerned with keeping us in, as subjugated colony, are surreptitiously giving legal advice and help to those different Remainers. This is ‘might makes right’ in a pure form. 

Yes, we are seeing the break-down of our society: not because Brexiteers are rampaging through the streets (not yet anyway, but watch out should our will be thwarted!) but because Remainers and the EU are destroying the democratic consensus by their “Legal” actions.  They try to turn our society back by 800 years, into a pre-democratic society where ‘might’ alone makes ‘right’. The people stopped them then – can we do it today?