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As the dust settles on the Bolton saga, as it might be known to future generations, I thought it would be interesting to take a look at the winners and losers that have inevitably emerged. Just a personal point of view; others are available!

I’m going to start with the losers first, as I always like to finish on a positive.


Henry Bolton – They say, if you put your head over the parapet, you should be prepared to be shot at. Henry, alas, found a lass, which, while a little unedifying, wasn’t such a problem. Sadly for him, once his beau’s genuinely unedifying Facebook comments were found and laid bare, a MSM sh*tstorm was soon unsurprisingly quickly whipped up.

Most people can juggle two skittles, but three takes practice.  

Henry quickly found himself negotiating his on/off/on relationship with Jo, losing a vote of confidence from the NEC and, perhaps the killer blow, the discovery that some aspects of his past that were – how can I put this – a little embellished.

It was all too much, of course. However, I’m not sure if we’ve seen the last of Henry. He’s a wounded animal alright, and they can be very dangerous. Hopefully, though, he’ll reflect, dust himself down and learn from the experience.

Nigel Farage – I will start by saying that Nigel should be knighted for his services to his country. Without him, we would not have had a referendum never mind bloody well winning it. Nigel’s historical role can never be airbrushed away.

When Nigel resigned as leader, he said he wanted his life back, and who could begrudge him that. However, he has been pulling a few strings since and I think his backing of Henry, especially in light of his ‘troubles’ coming to the fore, was misplaced. I also think his suggestion of a second referendum was misguided.

I still have the greatest of respect for Nigel but his decisions and direction of late has been a little troubling.


The NEC – “If you can keep your head when all about you are losing yours … you’ll be a man, my son!” to quote Rudyard Kipling. Despite all the slings and arrows, the NEC held firm, kept its integrity and only had to stand back and watch Henry implode at the AGM.  

Yes, there needs to be a change to the constitution to realign the ‘checks and balances’ at the UKIP top table, but the NEC have already acknowledged this. I think the NEC played a blinder.

The Grassroots – Now, I need to be careful here because a 63% victory isn’t a whitewash; there’s a significant minority who wanted Henry to stay. However, the good news is that, in the main, the losing side appear to have accepted their lot and are back in the fold, ready to fight the common cause we all share – that’s a Kipper for you! Unlike another faction whose name escapes me for a moment … ah, yes, the Remoaners.

UKIP Daily and Kipper Central – The good folks that run these top-two independent UKIP sites have been instrumental in ensuring democracy in action, unbowed by unreasonable threats. An oasis of respect and fair play, the editors can rightly be proud of their diligent service to us all. Take a bow, Viv, Reece, Darrell and Co.!

Jo Marney – She could well be a winner. Infamy is still fame, and she has that now. For those TV shows that need a ‘baddie’ to spice up the mix, she could be just the ticket; shows like Big Brother, I’m a Celebrity and others. This is the world we live in; like it or not; that’s what I think will happen!

So, what about UKIP itself?

Well, our party has been battered alright. It’s not been good. A lot of credibility has been lost; after all, as the wise Chinese proverb states: “A fish rots from the head down” and that’s been how the electorate would have seen us lately.

But there’s the flipside. UKIP has been ruthless in dealing with the situation with an EGM quickly organised and situation resolved.

That’s the message for the doorsteps: yes, we weren’t happy with our leader and so he was replaced with a steady pair of hands until we find someone permanent. (Best not dwell on that!)

Certainly, UKIP is back in the news and we need to ride this publicity, such as it is, as we take our message to the streets: We want the Brexit that was voted for and will make damned sure we hold the government to account.