Author: Torquil Dick-Erikson

The Seventh Brexit in our Island’s History

Firstly, My hearty congratulations to Gerard Batten, who is now our interim leader. I hope he will then run as leader proper in the subsequent election. He is off to an excellent start with his interview on Sky, where he said, when questioned, “Yes, I confirm that Islam is a death cult, for those who take a literalist interpretation of the Koran.” UKIP can now expect to engage with the issue of militant Islam, which both Bolton and Farage seem allergic to, and yet which is of concern to millions in Britain, and of course ignored by all the…

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UKIP leadership – it simply has to be you.

Dear Gerard, Awaiting the National Executive Committee meeting tomorrow, I thought I’d share a couple of thoughts with you, if you have a few moments. I am copying this to Viv Evans, asking her to publish it as an open message not only to you but also to the NEC, and in the hope that UKIP members will be able to express their views in readers’ comments, and that the NEC will take account of these views in their deliberations. In a word, I am hoping that the NEC will call on Bolton to resign and on you to…

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The Dangers of Mrs. May’s Planned “Security Treaty” with the EU

It is good to see that UKIP is now getting its teeth into the issue of our armed forces, and the risk of their being absorbed into a single EU force, as well as putting forward a policy of general attention and care for veterans.  For the time being, an immediate threat has been averted in that the government did not sign us up to the “EU army” project at the meeting on Monday 13th November last. However there remains a possibility that the five EU states who did not sign up may still do so, indeed Portugal and…

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Part Two: EU to treat UK like Spain is treating Catalonia?

[Ed: UKIP Daily has published Part One of this essay on Sunday 22nd October.] With the EAW (European Arrest Warrant) Brussels has already launched and landed a grappling iron on our liberties. Yet from their point of view, the EAW system as it stands is not completely adequate for their purposes, for it relies on British police, obeying laws passed by our Parliament, for its enforcement. In a case of extreme tension, such as that existing between Catalonia and Madrid, our Parliament could unilaterally repeal our acceptance of the EAW, and then our police and courts could disregard any…

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EU to treat UK like Spain is treating Catalonia? Part One

This is the line taken by former Cabinet Secretary Gus O’Donnell, a visceral anti-Brexiteer, now trying to intimidate us into the idea that a “deal” with the EU must be reached at all costs. The threat he is waving at us is that if there is “no deal”, all major businesses and banks will move out of the UK, as they are moving out of Catalonia. Here is the story. However, as a couple of online comments to the article point out, the UK is far too big for this to work with us, even though little Catalonia may…

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