Author: Stout Yeoman

The Battle for Speaker’s Corner – London, Sunday 18th March 2018

I was there on Sunday (18th March)  and I am prompted to write not just to advise your readers on what I saw (and who I saw) but also by a piece in The Guardian the other day attempting to discredit the Football Lads Alliance. But first a little background to Sunday. Last week three young people, an Austrian, an American and a Canadian, were denied entry to the UK on the grounds that their presence was “not conducive to the public good”. One of the three was Martin Sellner, infamous in this very publication. The American was his…

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A Yeoman’s Miscellany

UKIP Daily readers and callers to Lexdrum House, are a self-selecting group. As any pollster will tell you, such a sample is an unreliable guide as to how an electorate will vote. While it is encouraging to see support on UKIP Daily (and its ally Kipper Central) for getting rid of Bolton we cannot assume that will be a majority view at the EGM (though I very much hope it will be). Bolton has access to the entire membership database and is using it to promote his new constitution and anti-NEC website. We can assume, therefore, that more members…

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There are party members who think Henry Bolton should stay as leader. The reasons given, at least through UKIP Daily, do not amount to a very convincing case. The case for him staying appears to be a belief in a conspiracy by the NEC and shadowy others to frustrate Henry’s reforms, said to be essential to the party’s survival, or sympathy because the horrid media have blown things out of proportion and we should not fall for their smears. The EGM is thus a valiant struggle by plucky little Henry against dark, reactionary forces inside and outside the party,…

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Revolution is in the air! We are being called upon to overthrow the NEC and usher in a new era. Henry Bolton’s new website declares that: “The forthcoming EGM provides a once in a lifetime opportunity to renew the NEC on bloc, for one that will support reform and we can change the ethos of the party management at a stroke. Leaders will come and go over time, but none will succeed if reform is not forthcoming”. No evidence is provided of how the current, cash strapped NEC is failing to support reform. Rather, this is a continuation of…

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UKIP’s Vice

Snobbery is the confusion of social status with human worth. It is commonly encountered as superiority over lower social classes, or background, or educational level. Psychologists say it is a defence mechanism to mask feelings of inferiority or may be learnt behaviour from snobbish parents. But however it arises it is a vice, one that no-one should pander to and one we should all be vigilant against in ourselves. We laugh at its comic form as in the TV character Hyacinth Bucket but there is a pernicious and unfunny form that amounts to disdain, contempt even, for those judged…

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