Author: Toby Micklethwait

On Leadership Elections and Databases

The method by which we select leaders has failed several times. A large corporation would not recruit a new leader in this way. A large corporation would have a supervisory board (our lords might fill the role) who would appoint expensive consultants (“head-hunters”) to investigate what the job is and whether the job can be done; suggest changes to the job description and the surrounding organisation; assess whether the remuneration is realistic, search widely for candidates, investigate the candidates, interview the candidates and report and recommend. There can be temporary posts, as a trial. Then the supervisory board would…

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Open Letter to Kippers

[Ed: we publish this letter with the author’s permission because we think ordinary members need to know, to enable them to ask candidates pertinent questions at the forthcoming hustings. Moreover, the Party Management desires to stop false rumours. Such rumours, as we all know, arise from being kept in the dark. It is high time, if not past time, for us members to be informed. Answers to the points raised in this letter would surely be welcomed by all!] Dear fellow Kippers, A change of leadership allows us to change our culture, away from cheating and toward listening to…

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NEC elections – A summary

This paper summarises the wisdom in the 91 NEC candidate submissions. Candidates The quality of the candidates is very high: Lawyers, accountants, directors, consultants, computers, logistics, charity, architect, antiques, jeweller, pilot, doctor, vet, dentist, teachers, musician, trade union rep, carer, publican, border force, police, author, civil service. Many are retired (which could be an advantage). Four regional chairmen are standing. Date of joining was typically 2013 to 2016. 5 joined much earlier; they should have a good chance of election.   150 Words 7 candidates had VIP assentors. 10 candidates had errors of spelling, punctuation or fact.   Knowledge…

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My thoughts on how to make the leadership election work

I am concerned that some good candidates for the leadership may be daunted by the task – daunted, because the task looks impossible. It is incumbent on the existing management to make the job possible and attractive. I do not see that happening. For that reason I suggest an alternative approach. Whoever wins the leadership election will be faced with re-inventing the leadership role so that it becomes possible. There is no point in starting an impossible job and failing. It won’t help you, it won’t help UKIP and it won’t help Britain. I suggest therefore that you seek to agree terms…

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On the NEC

First of all, let me say this: I like and admire Nigel Farage and Steve Crowther. Nigel is the world’s greatest orator. He is also great on policy; and message selection. Crowther is educated, entertaining and diligent. Everything they do, even if it looks a bit dodgy, is intended to help the party forward. All that I say below should be seen in this context. I joined UKIP in 2000, Runnymede & Weybridge branch.  I was never elected councillor, but got 30% in the ward which contains where Magna Carta was sealed. I contested 2 General Elections, saving my…

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