Author: Stuart Gulleford

Political correctness – the new extremism? Part 2

[Ed: Part 1 of this essay can be read here] What is the first question asked when a baby is born?  What is the sex? Closely followed by how much does he or she weigh?  If it is that important at birth, at what point do parents decide that their child is no longer happy and would like to ‘help’ them change gender?  What influence do schools and the PC brigade have over this decision?  Bear in mind that the latest craze in the United States is ‘gender reveal’ parties, where the parents invite everyone over for a celebration…

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Political correctness – the new extremism?

When I survey the battered wreckage of my country after the scourge of political correctness (PC) has wrought its havoc, it is hard not to despair.  PC is now so out of control that we find ourselves in a situation where nothing is sacred, from cultural icons to even what is written in our passports. There is no doubt in my mind that PC is a virulent sickness that is spreading into every aspect of our lives. The emasculation of Doctor Who was greeted by the great and the good as a huge step forward in gender balancing and…

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