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Where are we bound?

I hope you have already spotted my title’s contronym. Through the murk, I am beginning to see a possibility. Clearly, deciding how to vote is going to involve a complex choice. One needs to deliver a Brexit Is Still ON message without letting the LibDems in through the slight crack in the draft proofing (which ought to have been replaced a few years back). They will be standing as a Remain party and harbouring delusions that they will pick up 48% of the vote. Playing against them is the prospect that Tony Blair is planning to support them. Most…

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Voices in the Wilderness

If you are like me, it is just too awful to examine all the daily entrails underlying the shenanigans over Brexit. It has been causing all manner of grotesque chancers to emerge from the woodwork and claim their place in the ‘Wrecking Crew’ whose purpose is to derail the entire process. Even Mr Blair had to poke his unwanted, unloved, haunted weasel face into the proceedings but, thankfully, he sank like a stone. To witness the hand of the sinister Globalist Elite at work, look no further than the Dutch and French presidential elections about to take place. Geert…

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For now we see through a glass, darkly…

I am looking at a bottle, a dark one. Clan Campbell Pure Malt Whisky Aged 8 Years – declaims the label. But I have started in mid-story. I am selling my mother’s flat in Cannes, on the exclusive Palm Beach peninsular. Less than five minutes walk to four great beaches. Only €320k if anyone is interested. ‘Why is it so cheap?’ I hear you ask. It’s by the railway line. If it were not, it would be a seven figure sum. We deal as we find. I am hoping to find either a train enthusiast or a deaf person….

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Insurgent Tony Blair? Fisk him!

An open letter to ‘The Rabid Killer of Truth’ Dear Mr Blair, for it is you of whom I speak, The following puff piece about The Most Exquisite You appeared in the Daily Telegraph. My answers written over the top of your actual words, or a paraphrasing of them, are set out in red, by paragraph: Tony Blair has told Remain voters ‘we’re the insurgents now’ and urged them to persuade Brexit supporters that the country is better off staying in the European Union. ‘..the country is better off staying in the European Union.’ How? The EU is broke,…

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An Open Letter to Diane James

Politics is a messy business and that applies to every party. UKIP has suffered from considerable tumult since the Referendum, but which party hasn’t? Whether someone else should have been leader, and whether they would have proved a better outcome, will now never be known. Water. Bridge. It seems that would-be heroes and villains have suffered and I am not going to suggest who falls into which category here, as I am not close enough to it. But there is one thing I can point out. There are only two political parties I have ever voted for in my…

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