Author: Steve Crowther

Henry Bolton’s proposed Constitutional ‘reform’

Steve Crowther writes on behalf of the NEC On February 13th 2018, the Leader has published an attractively-presented new Draft Constitution, which has been sent out to all members for whom the party has email addresses. I should point out that this draft and ‘consultation’ has not been discussed with or presented to the NEC, so is an informal process at best. No doubt there will be an opportunity for members not on email/Internet to examine it shortly, in hard copy, and Henry will let us know how to respond to his three-week ‘consultation’, and to whom. Obviously, no…

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Listening to Henry Bolton’s press conference yesterday, I felt compelled to try to set the record straight on the subject of the UKIP National Executive Committee (NEC). Mr Bolton has sought to blame the NEC for the current problems in the party, and says that he will ‘reform’ it, should he remain as Leader. Mr Bolton said: “The NEC, as presently constituted, is unfit for purpose and has severely handicapped the Party’s progress and political delivery for some years, as all recent UKIP leaders will attest.” Well, I won’t! I don’t know Paul Nuttall’s position, but he was my…

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Open Riposte to an Open Letter

Dear Toby, I am writing in response to the allegations made in your ‘Open Letter to Kippers’,  published in UKIP Daily on August 27th. First, please would you name the people you are accusing of rigging elections. Your allegations point to the conclusion that you are accusing me, so I would be grateful if you would be clear on the matter of who you allege is or has been rigging elections within UKIP. Second, I have to tell you that I have received a strong complaint from the staff at Lexdrum House regarding your allegation that they may have…

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UKIP’s mission: to make Britons proud again

With Nigel Farage declining to pick up the twitching reins of UKIP for a fourth (fifth?) time and hinting at a smoother, more driver-friendly vehicle to come, one might be forgiven for marking UKIP as a ‘sell’. Results at this year’s county and general elections showed many of the party’s previous four million voters declaring ‘mission accomplished’, and returning to the revitalised brawl between resurgent socialism and something vaguely resembling conservatism. But far from the Brexit vote closing a door for UKIP, it opens a wider one. In demonstrating that a political party with no MPs of its own,…

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