Author: Roger Turner

The Great NHS Heist

Notes on an interview with Dr Bob Gill NHS doctor Bob Gill was recently interviewed by George Galloway on Sputnik RT, in an episode called The Great NHS Heist. The doctor had striking revelations about plans to privatise the NHS. Dr. Gill described his own dealings with the government-created board Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs, look up their site/’mission statement), clinically led statutory bodies responsible for the planning and commissioning of health care services for their local areas. They are a mixture of GPs, nurses and local lay members; it appears Dr. Gill, who was also a GP “trainer”, was…

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UKIP – Ten Questions

Yes, this does refer to Paul Foyster’s list (see “Letters to the Editor”) which he apparently intends to forward to our postulant hustings audience, to fire at whoever of the eleven leadership candidates turn up in their area. I read through his script and I started making mental comments. I got to the end and had so many mental notes that I thought I had better write down a few points – so back through it again I went. I had intended to make a point or two in our comment section provided at the end of Paul`s article….

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Yah Boo Sucks – or “Who are you?” 

We have been told we have a head office (HO) directed by an NEC and we were told it would be the fount for the dissemination of the UKIP ‘word’ embracing all policy and modus operandi on all subjects political and practical, and the ‘word’ would be the truth to the world in general, no matter what the political and media fall out. We were told when we had this presidential voice that it would be a gigantic sound, being able to speak to at least 500 million (billion?) and more citizens of mankind and would speak for all…

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Deliberate Evasion of a Wider Issue – an Open Letter to UKIP

Dear Editor – I wish to express a few comments to you, your readers and UKIP on the subject of my interpretation of “false news” which has almost reached epidemic levels. I am referring to the number of instances where an event of magnitude is given big licks in documentary form on television, discussed in great depth, and relevant authorities chastised for their apparent collective failure to identify the wrong-doing over a long period. Often it is blamed on their not wanting to disturb race relations or even offend PC in any way. I have been watching an apparently…

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Once is happenstance, twice is coincidence, the third time is enemy action

Obviously this is a “Bondism” and not my original although I have always thought the third consequence was war, however I will not argue minor points but invite my readers to agree with me that the saying aptly describes the sequence  of events: Westminster Bridge in March, Manchester a couple of weeks ago and now London Bridge On Sunday morning, Mrs May chaired a COBRA meeting and issued a statement afterwards. She particularly linked the three events, claiming that they indicate a “new direction” in the type of activity in which Extreme Islamic Terrorism is enforcing its presence, particularly…

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