Author: Roger Helmer MEP

Can we do more than light candles?

The vigil in Manchester on Tuesday night was undeniably moving. The assurances that we will stand together, we will not let terrorism win, love is stronger than hate, and so on, were resonant. And yet … and yet … that is what we always do. Politicians jostle to repeat the same platitudes. Maybe the threat level is heightened for a week or two. We debate the percentage of the anti-radicalisation budget that goes to the government’s disputed “Prevent” strategy.  Then the dogs bark, and the caravan moves on. Until the next time. Allison Pearson summed up the point beautifully:…

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Straight Talking from Strasbourg

Those local election results  Let’s be honest.  On the face of it, we in UKIP don’t have a lot to celebrate after a more-or-less wipe-out on May 4th.  But let me first of all thank all our candidates and activists who fought the good fight even as the tide turned against them.  And let’s also take pride at what we’ve achieved.  As I Tweeted the next day, “Without UKIP, we wouldn’t have had a referendum; we wouldn’t have won the referendum; and the Tory Party would never have backed Brexit”.  The Tweet seems to have touched a nerve: last…

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Rejoice! Rejoice! Rejoice!

As I write, on the morning of Tuesday March 14th, we know that the Brexit Bill has cleared its final hurdles in the Commons and the Lords, and Theresa May is now in a position to invoke Article 50. I’ve been campaigning for British independence for twenty years – eighteen in the European parliament – so I hope, Dear Reader, you’ll forgive me a moment of quiet satisfaction.  Mission accomplished.  A seemingly impossible objective realised.  All of us who have engaged in the Brexit campaign can congratulate ourselves on a job well done.  It wouldn’t have happened without UKIP….

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Misrepresentation from a Labour MEP

This article is taken from Roger Helmer’s wonderful blog.   I trust readers will forgive me for taking time to describe a relatively trivial incident – but one which is illustrative of the way it’s possible to convey a totally misleading message in a few words.  Not surprisingly, the example comes from a Labour MEP, Seb Dance, who is also a leading proponent of climate alarmism in the European parliament. He recently posted the following Tweet: “UKIP MEP makes way to his seat waiving (sic) a giant Union Jack as two brave Yazidi women praise Germany for accepting victims of…

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Talking Turkey

I have been exchanging tweets with my regular sparring partner Professor Michael Merrifield of Nottingham University, and blow me down, he has scored a point! I have been arguing that if the UK were to remain in the EU’s Customs Union after Brexit (a contradiction in terms in my view), we should be precluded from making free trade deals (FTAs) with third countries – which is one of the key objectives of Brexit. I was surprised when the good professor insisted that countries within the Customs Union could conclude FTAs elsewhere, and cited Turkey as an example. And guess…

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