Author: Richard W

We Need Another Referendum!

We need another referendum. This should be the question on the ballot paper: Should the United Kingdom remain a member of the United Nations Refugee Convention or leave the United Nations Refugee Convention? Non-EU immigration is just as out of control as EU immigration. Last year’s referendum result and the triggering of article 50 gives hope that something may be done about EU immigration. But what about non-EU immigration? The problem of EU immigration had a single source – the right of free movement for EU workers. But the problem of non-EU immigration has a number of different sources….

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UKIP must back the best chance Brexiteer

This is the Brexit general election. It is about trying to save Brexit from being reversed or overridden by a newly-returned House of Commons, dominated by Remainers, claiming a fresh mandate to implement or ignore last year’s referendum result as it sees fit. UKIP’s object in this general election is therefore simple. It should be to try to ensure that the new House of Commons has as many Brexit MPs and as few Remainer MPs as possible. UKIP can do this by supporting in each constituency that candidate who is a genuine Brexiteer and who has the best chance…

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