Author: Richard Mott

British Muslims: Time to Act

Yet again we witness the aftermath of barbarity carried out by a crazed individual in support of a deranged viewpoint. British born he may have been but in every other way foreign, even alien.   Islam thrives under three basic conditions;   Unquestioning acceptance, which enslaves the many and empowers the few; Denial, even when surrounded by reality; Ignorance, which breeds fear of the unknown and thus fosters comfort in numbers.   Every time Islam is mentioned it is always in a pejorative context: violence; bloodshed; barbarity; persecution; fanaticism; grotesque punishments for absurd ‘crimes’; restrictive practices; sexual exploitation; thin-skinned…

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Fear Trumps Intellect

There is no way of being polite about it; the spineless, hypocritical leaders of most western liberal democracies are s**t scared of Islam and its demented followers. Only this can explain the furore surrounding President Trump’s partial but temporary fulfilment of an election promise (novel that, a politician keeping a promise). Much has been made of the travel ban imposed on a number of what are emotively being labelled Muslim majority countries. Protests thrive within the USA and around the worldbut where is the equality of condemnation about another of his pledges; to build a wall along the US…

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Why did we bother to fight?

Yesterday was Armistice Day, and as we remember those who fell in war, the questions that vex me more with each passing year are, “Why did so many give so much? If they could see the current state of the world, would they still do it again?” We expended much blood and treasure in defeating a Kaiser, standing fast against the Nazi regime and contributing to the bulwark against communism. All were totalitarian forces that sought regional or world domination. In those days it seems we thought that democracy, the rule of law, freedom of speech and the rights…

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Get a Grip UKIP for the Sake of this Country

A few facts badly need repeating: UKIP won the 2014 European Parliament elections; UKIP polled 3.8 million votes at the 2015 general election (more than the SNP and Lib Dems combined); at that same election UKIP came second in 120 seats; UKIP represents the real opposition to Labour in its own northern heartlands; UKIP represents a real threat to the Tories in the shires. UKIP forced the establishment to give theplebs the referendum denied for so long; thanks to UKIP, we, the people, voted to leave the European Union. UKIP still has much it can achieve domestically. While it…

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The question I want to ask is: “Who are we?”

Nigel Farage famously directed his question at an anonymous, unelected man who had gained a powerful and influential EU job. Given the continuing debate about immigration, nationality and nationhood I wanted to try to distil the spirit of what it is to be British – and it has proved challenging. At an instinctive level I feel I know but a neat definition is proving illusory. Descartes, the philosopher, tormented himself trying to discern the essence of the human condition. The result of his exertions was “Cogito, ergo sum” – I think, therefore I am. After prodigious mental effort, Einstein…

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