Author: Phillip Smith


We have recently seen the United States try to protect their home industries by imposing tariffs on imported steel and aluminium, which has sparked a furore about trade wars and their malignant effect on world trade. Perhaps there is a better way of achieving the same objective. Tariffs are imposed when someone is trying to use an unfair advantage, but they can be a bit of a blunt instrument, and maybe some other sort of leveling measure would be just as effective. Instead of taxing the commodity, why not tax the distance it has to travel?  What comes to…

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The Four Faces of the Enemy

Philip Hammond was right when he referred to the EU as “the enemy”.  The EU is the enemy of Britain because it wants to destroy Britain as a nation state and reduce it to the status of a province in a European Empire.  However, the British people are faced with four home-grown enemies, all of whom want to defy the will of the people and keep Britain under the heel of EU occupation. The first of these enemies is our own Parliament.  Most of the current members supported the “remain” side during the referendum campaign, and remainers hold most…

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A future threat

It has been a remarkable couple of years just lately. We have seen all sorts of conventions overturned, and things happening that we would have thought impossible a few years ago. For us, the big one was the referendum. The fact that it was held at all was amazing, but when we actually won it, despite the whole of the establishment and the media campaigning for remain and promoting project fear, it was a triumph we could never have imagined a few years ago. Donald Trump got elected as President of the USA, which was totally unexpected, and I’ll…

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Everybody is screaming that they want to see an end to “austerity”, and all the public services are demanding an end to the 1% pay rise cap.  Whilst we all value our public services and would like to see our NHS employees, policemen, firemen etc get a pay rise, we need to remember that it all has to come out of the public purse, and the public purse is under severe pressure and has more outgoings than incomings at the moment.  This is what is called the “deficit”, and the cumulative deficits become the “national debt”, which is a…

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The other week I watched an old film on television called “The Winslow Boy”.  It was a re-make of an earlier version of the film, which was taken from a Terence Rattigan play.  I suspect that most readers have heard of the film and know the story, but, for those who don’t, here is a quick summary:  Set in around 1910 it tells the story of a cadet at a naval school who is expelled after being falsely accused of stealing a postal order.  He protests his innocence to his father, who then tries to get justice for his…

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