Author: Nigel Moore

Mrs May and Mr Davis Misunderstand the EU and the EEA

Where knowledge is power our senior politicians repeatedly show through obvious errors and factually incorrect statements, a lack of understanding of the European Union (EU) and how it functions. These errors must inevitably undermine any chance of negotiating a satisfactory Brexit outcome for the United Kingdom and time is running out. Mrs May in her Our Future Partnership speech at the Mansion House on 2nd March 2018 said: For example, the Norway model, where we would stay in the single market, would mean having to implement new EU legislation automatically and in its entirety – and would also mean…

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The EU’s Potential Lifeline for Mrs May’s Brexit

The European Union (EU’s) Brexit negotiators from Mr Barnier (chief negotiator) downwards must have long since realised that Mrs May, Mr Davis and the Department for (not) Exiting the European Union are incapable of serious negotiations. Meaningful progress towards leaving the EU in an orderly way including suitable agreements, arrangements, and infrastructure is practically non-existent; there is a mountain of detail yet to climb. What then can the EU do to rescue the process and Mrs May, since Mr Barnier has previously stated on more than one occasion that he can’t negotiate with himself? The view from Brussels must…

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Mrs May’s Trashing of the Successful Nobo Industry

Notified Bodies (Nobos), together with Designated Bodies (Debos) and Assessment Bodies (Asbos), are one of our country’s least known success stories. Yet they could easily largely disappear, together with thousands of well paid jobs and millions if not billions of pounds in export earnings, as a result of Mrs May’s decision to take this country out of the Single Market and European Economic Area (EEA).   Many products from equipment used in explosive atmospheres to toys in order to be placed on the market in the European Union (EU) and often by extension the EEA are required by EU…

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BREXIT Means BREXIT (in name only)

Politicians, civil servants and Eurocrats, economical with the truth as ever, if not actually disingenuous, are doing their best to create a Brexit in name only.  We are watching helplessly as Mrs May, Mr Davis and the Department for (not) Exiting the European Union (EU) carry on regardless. They appear oblivious to the contradictions in what they are saying and doing, and the obvious warning signs from Brussels.  The following merely illustrates the tip of a delusional, ill-informed myopia. Mrs May in an interview broadcast on 2nd February 2018 on Channel Four said: “ …..we have until March 2019,…

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Transition to Permanent EU Vassal State

The United Kingdom appears to be moving inexorably towards being a permanent European Union (EU) Vassal State. Recent speeches and other statements by Mrs May and Mr Davis point strongly to this being the most likely outcome from their handling of the Brexit (or Article 50) negotiations, and inability to understand exactly how the EU works.  Yet it is only by analysing the totally and implications of what they did and did not say that the truth emerges. Mr Davis, reiterating Mrs May’s decision to leave the Single Market, in his Teesport Speech: Implementation Period – A bridge to…

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