Author: Mike Munford

What has Henry Bolton done wrong?

I support most of the policies UKIP stands for and I believe profoundly on the need for Britain to regain its independence.  I joined UKIP about five years ago and started to contribute regularly to UKIP Daily.  I gave up contributing when I realised that nothing I wrote would ever have any influence on policy.  I was increasingly disillusioned with the party during the sequence of failed leaders which followed Nigel’s departure.  And when finally, it looked as if UKIP was going to become an anti-Islam party, I didn’t bother to renew my membership. Then Henry Bolton was unexpectedly…

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Nigel is Needed

The election result is widely seen as a return to the old tradition of two-party government, with any other parties in the Commons of no importance at all except at times of two-party deadlock.  As it happens, now is such a time, with the DUP receiving some attention.  But surely, many think, the old days of Conservative v. Labour are returning, with every prospect of a clear majority for either Conservative or Labour at another election later this year or early next.  Both the leading parties (and therefore everyone else in the political establishment) are breathing a great sigh…

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It’s All About Immigration

UKIP worked hard for many years to persuade the British people that they must not allow our country to be absorbed into a federal Europe. At last we have succeeded in persuading them. But what turned the balance in the end was not British sovereignty. It was immigration. Levels of immigration have been a hidden but major political issue in Britain since soon after the Second World War. For far too long, ordinary people’s concerns about immigration have been suppressed. At last we can talk about them and perhaps do something about it. The period after the War was…

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UKIP Should Stand for Assimilation

Two of the most important issues that we face in this country are immigration and the consequences of immigration.  I think we in UKIP all agree that Britain should drastically cut down immigration.  What about the consequences of the immigration which has already occurred? Many (perhaps most) immigrants who are now established in this country, and certainly their children as they grow up, talk as we do, behave in most ways as we do and often oppose further immigration, whether from their original homelands or from elsewhere.   Whatever their appearance, whatever their origin, they are in fact becoming British. …

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Thoughts on Trump’s Foreign Policy

The new U.S. administration is likely to make some important changes to U.S. foreign policy. At this stage it isn’t easy to predict exactly what will happen.  The power of a U.S. president is not unlimited, even in foreign policy. During the Obama period, different parts of the US government machine sometimes appeared to have been pulling in different directions. Nevertheless it is possible  to see some of what President Trump would like to achieve; and unlike President Obama, he is a very able leader who has built up and runs a large organisation. He has already seen a…

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