Author: Michael Shrimpton

The Grieve Grief

The mainstream media are even more confused than usual by Wednesday’s not unexpected defeat of the government. The amendment of clause 9 not only does not stop Brexit, it actually makes a UK/EU deal less likely. Who Is To Blame? The first thing to be said is that the Prime Minister has only herself to blame, although we can also fairly blame the Tory Party for installing a Remainer as leader. As I suggested in my last article, ‘Appeaser Theresa’ clearly does not want out and is planning on staying so close to the EU that re-joining would be…

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The Anglo-European Phase One Agreement

Theresa May has sold us out, as I predicted she would. It was always a mistake to put a Remainer in charge of Brexit. It was an even worse mistake not to force out the anti-Brexit Cabinet Secretary, Sir Jeremy Heywood. The Cabinet Office ran rings about the DUP on Thursday and have forced them into accepting an agreement which could cost us up to £1.5 trillion in the next decade and will drive up the UK’s debt. The key phrase is “full alignment”. It appears in the section headed “Ireland and Northern Ireland”. It’s opaque, but can and…

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Notes on Article 50

Leaving the EU At midnight on 28th March 2019 the United Kingdom will become the second sovereign state to leave the EEC/EU. The first state to leave was the People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria, in 1962. It is often forgotten that Algeria was not a French colony, but an integral part of France. Her departure from the EEC followed her attainment of ‘independence’, although in practice she became a German client-state. The second country to leave was Greenland. As with the UK, there was something of a gap between the vote and the actual departure – over five years,…

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Failure in Florence

Nobody should be terribly surprised at Theresa May’s capitulation to Brussels. As I have been saying since she was ‘elected’ leader, it was a disastrous mistake for the Tories to choose a Remainer. May is a centrist machine politician with no meaningful political philosophy. As she demonstrated when she was Home Secretary she was quite willing to stand by and do nothing whilst an innocent man (me!) was sent to prison. Put another way, she does not share the core values of our society, one of which is justice. I respectfully agree with Vivian Evans – Mrs May’s a…

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A week is a long time in politics, as the German agent Harold ‘von’ Wilson once observed. Not so long ago the media were asking whether there was any ongoing role for UKIP after the referendum. Labour had successfully wooed working class voters in the Midlands and the North by promising to support Brexit. Labour also promised opposition to the single market. It turns out that Labour were lying. On Monday, 11th September they voted against the EU (Withdrawal) Bill at Second Reading. Not only that, they are now talking about ‘interim’ single market membership for such a lengthy…

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