Author: Michael Keal

What’s Up with Our Weather?

On this Monday’s morning weather forecast (11/12/2017) it was stated: “It was very cold yesterday, in fact, the coldest we’ve seen since December 2010 with a maximum of minus 6.2 degrees C recorded in Braemar …” Now we all know that the weather, especially here in Great Britain, is somewhat random. Even with giant super-computers at their disposal, our forecasters can only predict what’s going to happen about 5 days in advance, although lately, they’ve been struggling even with that. So, if 5 days is a struggle for forecasters could there have been anything going on 7 years ago…

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Brexit and beyond

See the first part of this article here. Finally, there has been much ado about something lately and this piece wouldn’t be complete without it. So yes, I’m now breaking the ‘don’t mention Islam’ rule. Islam was on many minds at the conference and for good reason as it is very regrettably, but very definitely, a factor at the sharp end of GB’s politics at present. Although the people I spoke to didn’t say much about it and nor did I, we didn’t need to. The whole ‘will AMW win or not’ question said it all for us. Incidentally…

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At the Cross-Roads

In a short while we as a party will be faced with what is, for us, a daunting task: the choice of a new leader. Given our recent experience of doing precisely this, not once but several times, we could be forgiven for approaching this task with more than just a modicum of perspicacity, for it is not a task where practice makes perfect. The choice that lies ahead has been framed by some, and rightly so, in terms of the problems, threats and challenges that face us. But it is a choice that is bigger than this for…

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The trouble with Global Warming – Part 2

In 1974 Richard Feynmann described what he called the key to science thus: “In establishing a new physical property; first we guess, then we perform a calculation to see what the implications of the guess are, then we compare the results directly with observations. If the results disagree the guess is wrong. It is as simple as that.” Part 2a. The temperature predictions. Over the years, the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has made a number of predictions of how much the average global temperature would increase and crucially how quickly this would happen caused by the Carbon…

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