Author: Michael Dixon

Immigration: The Cameron and Merkel Show

Let’s be under no illusion: Cameron is running scared. He has finally realised that immigration is an issue which matters greatly to the British public, and the only way to appease a disaffected electorate is to steal a march on UKIP. Unfortunately, his plan to re-negotiate the free movement of EU nationals didn’t just fall at the first hurdle: Merkel ensured it didn’t even reach the starting line. The political analysts on the Today programme opined that Cameron has some wriggle room on the subject. Well, Cameron is definitely wriggling, but where exactly is the latitude he needs so…

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“Immigration restrictions” are a con and always have been

The immigration minister, Mark Harper, has played down mass immigration by Romanian and Bulgarians in the New Year, insisting that such an influx will not happen. Those of us with fairly good memories will recall a similar statement made by Labour when Poland gained accession to the EU. A lowly figure of 13,000 was advanced by the Labour government, to howls of laughter from those of us employed as immigration officers. Harper has stated, correctly as it happens, that extending the “restrictions” on Romanian and Bulgarian nationals is not legally possible. What he does not tell you, nor does…

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