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The official foundation of the Progressive Alliance was held on the 22 May 2013 in Leipzig with the stated aim of becoming the global network of “the progressive, democratic, social-democratic, socialist and labour movement”. I thought I was reasonably clued up in politics, more so than most but, I’d never heard of the Progressive Alliance until a couple of months ago. How many others, like me, the Common Man or even the Liberal Elite have ever heard of the Progressive Alliance? I’ll wager, not many. I’d never taken much notice of the word ‘Progressive’ until it started to be…

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The Real Reason Behind HS2 as I See It.

A view I’ve held for a couple of years. HS2 was backed by the Blair/Brown Labour government in 2010 and the Cameron/Osborne Conservative government who were very pro EU. Cameron/Osborn to the point of giving away our UK Sovereignty and selling us out cheaply to Brussels. Osborne possibly had a vested interest in not rocking the EU boat flogging his Osborne & Little wallpaper across Europe. Labour and the Unions had other axes to grind supporting HS2. HS2 is primarily for the benefit of ever closer Union of Europe backed by Brussels. Additionally, it has a direct benefit to the German and French Government economies with their State run networks of ICE and TGV trains and its successor, the French AGV. Branson and the Virgin Group are more interested in the profits and expansion of the Company than the UK taxpayer, and are probably part of the driving force behind HS2. HS2 would not only allow Virgin to expand its operations in the UK, it would give Virgin access to the Continental rail network. The German and French governments could not object to giving Virgin access to the continent if the ICE and TGV trains were in turn, being given access to the UK. Virgin gave the game away when, according to Wikipedia, Virgin was bidding for the GNER Franchise, ‘Publicity material featuring Virgin branded TGV and ICE trains…

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After Brexit: it’s our fish!

UKIP is rising to the challenge, promoting a good document titled A Vision for the North East. It’s well worth reading and deserves wide distribution. With regards to our Fishing Industry, the document states: ‘We recognise that at present, we simply don’t have enough boats to fish the quantity of fish in our own waters. It’ll take time to rebuild our fishing industry. We want licenses to be sold to foreign vessels to continue fishing in some of our territorial waters. That income would be ring-fenced for grants and interest-free loans for our fishermen, to enable them to buy…

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The Conservative Party did not want to hold a Referendum. They were forced to. The Conservative Party wanted the UK to Remain within the EU. It took 17,410,742 people in the UK to tell them otherwise. Theresa May, despite advocating Remain herself, has taken on the task of implementing the will of the majority to leave the EU. To restore to the people of the UK the Sovereignty of Westminster Parliament. Theresa May coined the phrase Brexit means Brexit. Can we guarantee Brexit means Brexit? I would suggest; Vote UKIP to guarantee that Brexit means Brexit! It was the…

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