Author: Luke Nash-Jones

STRATEGY!! – May 3rd Elections

Friends, I know this is a strong letter, but our party is dead, and drastic action is required to breathe life back into it. What is the definition of an idiot? To keep doing the same thing again and again, and expecting the same result. That’s not us. We are not afraid to try something new, to win an election, are we, my fellow kippers? You are ready and eager to read this email and adopt some guerilla warfare/marketing techniques! THIS IS IMPORTANT. If we are to do this election properly, we need to think strategically. The official UKIP…

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Henry Bolton’s Digital Strategy is Empty Waffle Devoid of Human Feeling

One of the most successful IT companies ever is Apple. People queue for hours outside shops, waiting for the new iPhone to be released. There is a cult-like following, almost a religion, of devotion to the Mac, the iPhone, the iPad. In reality, while often beautiful designed pieces, the technology underneath an iPhone is little different to that offered by many other companies, such as mobile phone producer Samsung; in fact, in many ways the latter is a better product. Nonetheless, people worship Apple. Why? What can political parties learn from this? If UKIP’s digital outreach is to succeed,…

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This is a warning to the Old Guard of the British Right: Fight for traditional values, or we will replace you! If the left-wing activists are gifted with such supreme intelligence, why have they often collapsed, becoming emotional wrecks, when presented by just one political question, by journalists such as myself? I met young activists in Birmingham who were protesting against Tommy Robinson, but didn’t know who he even is. I met students outside of the UKIP conference who complained it was an anti-black party but were confused when, pursuing their argument, I asked if David Kurten hates himself….

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Across Britain, Brexiteers March Against Theresa May’s Affront to Democracy

The British people are without question some of the most polite, well-mannered, and cultured in the history of mankind. But if we are pushed too far, our blood can boil, as discovered the neo-liberal elite this weekend that just passed. Across the UK, in Cardiff, Nottingham, and London, the People’s Charter Foundation held a number of non-partisan pro-Brexit rallies calling for MPs to respect the voice of the people or get out. Luke Nash-Jones, Director of the People’s Charter Foundation, and his deputy, Martin Costello, drove around the UK, boldly speaking out against the corrupt London-centric neo-liberal establishment that…

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Be On Guard: “Open Borders” Neo-Liberals Are Taking Over UKIP

At the moment, we need to unite Brexiteers to put pressure on Theresa May. But we are concerned about the creeping influence of hyper-individualistic Tufton Swamp “think tanks”, who already dominate the Tories and are now sneaking into UKIP. In the name of liberty, they oppose an end to open borders. In London, a stone’s throw from Parliament, on Tufton Street and a few roads running off, one finds the natural habitat of the Carswells. This is the location of those neo-liberal “think tanks”, such as the Institute of Economic Affairs, the Adam Smith Institute, and Civitas. It is…

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