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Sunday papers – 10 April 2016

The media lead on a wide variety of stories today. Cameron The Mail continues with the controversy surrounding Prime Minister David Cameron’s inheritance, with Ian Birrell claiming the row is not about money, it’s about Brexit. When David Cameron told me he was running for the Tory Party leadership, I replied that it would be difficult for an Old Etonian to win. Having seen Douglas Hurd’s dismal earlier attempt, I thought a modern electorate would not support someone from such an obviously elitist background. How wrong I was. For the things I liked about Cameron – his affability, his…

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Saturday Papers – 9th April 2016

It came as a huge shock – not that the biological father of Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby was a former Private Secretary to Sir Winston Churchill, hugely ‘shocking’ the Archbishop, but that this is the headline in all papers this morning! Is there nothing of any importance at all happening in this country? Are the leaked reports of tax evasion by our own PM’s family, are the EU, the BREXIT campaign, so unimportant to the inhabitants of the metropolitan establishment which writes and makes the papers for the nation? At least the old saying that nothing is as…

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Save Our Steel: The causes, effects and solutions to the UK steel crisis

Yorkshire MEPs Mike Hookem and Jane Collins, with Industry & Energy spokesman Roger Helmer, have made a short film about the crisis in the British steel industry, caused by the EU’s high energy prices and failure to counter the dumpling of Chinese steel on the European market. UKIP’s Sheffield Brightside & Hillsborough by-election candidate Steve Winstone – himself a metal trader – describes how the world-famous ‘Steel City’ has been hit by the crisis. View the film below and send it on to others who might be interested….

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Daily News Brief – 5th April

Huffington Post -Panama Papers Revelations Mean David Cameron Must Stop ‘Pussyfooting’ Around On Tax Dodging, Says Jeremy Corbyn. -Mick Jagger Says Brexit At EU Referendum May Be In Long-Term Interests Of UK. -Government Has No Record Of How Much British Steel It Buys Despite Industry Crisis.   The Spectator -No, Simon Schama, people worried about gang rape and FGM aren’t ‘obsessed with sex’. -Martyrdom: a new comic strip for Turkish kids. -The return of eugenics.   Breitbart -Molenbeek Hit And Run: How The Mainstream Media Spread Another False ‘Islamophobia’ Story. -REPORT: Belgium Has More Jihadis Per Capita Than Any…

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