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Would YOU make a pact with The Devil?

I’ve watched Tommy Robinson for a long time now.  I first noticed him debating with Paxman many years ago on Newsnight and have laughed, cheered and groaned in equal measure ever since, as he has lurched from an irritable hothead one minute, to a kind and likeable rogue the next. I’ve seen disastrous head slapping interviews, like the one with Piers Morgan, that I expect even Tommy regrets, and an interview with Andrew Neil where Neil tried to guide Tommy through the rules of debate and give him a chance to express his views rationally, with some success.  He…

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UPDATED WITH INFO BY LUKE NASH-JONES, AS DEMANDED IN COMMENT POSTS After a couple of months of inertia and public ridicule caused by the Bolton fiasco I was getting confident that a new openness and trust was developing between the organisations and factions within UKIP that would, in time, again make the party a viable choice come election time. A moderate libertarian-leaning party will always, by dint of the nature of its membership, have a fair number of gadflies and loons and I suspect that eccentricity and the fun it brings makes the otherwise dour nature of political debate…

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Dead In A Day

Too often defence pundits stack up the supposed military strengths of potential protagonists as a starting point for justifying either to increase or cut defence expenditure. We talk of numbers of tanks, numbers of aircraft and numbers of troops and assume that parity in this system or that weaponry somehow acts as a deterrent against war against either state or terrorist actors. That’s far too simple. But it does count for something. We have, since the major 1998 Strategic Defence Review rather hoped, along with the rest of Europe, that Cold War tensions, apparently eased since the fall of…

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The Degradation of Politics and Another Way

There is a basic political problem which all parties face. A happy and successful society has to combine three very easily understood concepts. So let’s call them the Three Things: Economic efficiency Social justice Individual liberty The relative importance of each of the Three Things to an individual is what defines their own political perspective. The relative level of importance of the Three Things to a consensual group of people is what defines a political party, and the adherence to the will of those people in achieving the Three Things defines the success or failure of a government and…

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An energetic article. Response to Luke Nash-Jones

  Throughout the late nineteenth and twentieth centuries politicians and commentators have searched for an overriding theory that labels people and grades them into convenient packages which makes for easy messaging through the traditional channels of the spoken or written word. The primacy of the academics, who relied on the synthesis of ideas and the consensus of peers to validate fresh political constructs started to be diluted in the late twentieth century, when visual media came into the fore and image became as important to convey a message as words.  Then from about 1994 to the present day the…

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