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Mrs May has apparently decided to borrow the Cabinet spine – there’s only one and they have to take turns – and stand up to Russia. Enough is apparently enough and this time she really really means it. Until she has to hand the spine back to David Davis, who is going to use it for the Brexit negotiations, or perhaps Mr Hammond who now has to tell us with a straight face that the austerity programme which increased spending has solved our financial problems, she will fulminate about the reckless assassination of an ex-spy in Salisbury. Then she’ll…

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Have you heard? There are some local elections coming up. If UKIP is to have any influence on the future of our country we need people to stand. It’s not necessary to win to influence local politics, being on the ballot paper is a start – the other parties watch each vote they lose, watch where those votes go, paranoid about the chance of one day losing their place at the trough. Just by being ready you are striking a blow for your community, just by being prepared to defend UKIP’s policies and our principles, by being straightforward and scrupulously honest you can influence the direction…

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In the thread ‘Don’t Let the Kiddies Play With Matches’ comment poster ‘Chris’ on March 3, 2018 at 9:45 am wrote inter alia: “I don’t like the expression libtard, but I find Soy Boy worse. “ “I don’t like the frog thing either (Keke?) it does nothing for me. “ Language does much more than simply inform, it also signals. In this case the frog and the word libtard are signals used by an in-crowd to show they belong (or, more likely, want to belong) to a group which uses those terms. While they may have begun as as something valuable they have…

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From The Guardian on 01-03-2018: “National Grid has issued a warning that the UK will not have enough gas to meet demand on Thursday, as temperatures plummeted and imports were hit by outages. It is thought unlikely that the situation will affect supply to households, but if enough extra gas supplies by pipeline or ship are not forthcoming, it could affect industrial users.” [Ed: see also this article from Tallbloke’s Talkshop: UK National Grid issues natural gas deficit warning for March 1st ] *** Since winter hit (Winter? That’s what those of mature years call it, not “The Beast From The East”!) I’ve been keeping an eye on…

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Guido, the nom de plume of Paul Staines – no sniggering at the back there – runs order-order, a highly successful political blog. While it can occasionally forget itself sufficiently to criticise Mrs May and her bumbling incompetence, mostly the blog is supportive of anything that the Conservatives say and do. It is implacably anti-UKIP. From being a thorn in the side of all politicians its slant has, over the last couple of years, become more and more welded to the views of the Establishment. So far he is sound on Brexit, but his direction of travel is concerning.  This week there was a post about UKIP…

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