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BREAKING   –   BREAKING  Politics has a reputation for nastiness, in-fighting, backstabbing, shameless self-promotion and over-inflated egos. That’s not what it should be. Politics should be about helping to make people’s lives better; I happen to believe this is best achieved through less State control of citizens’ daily lives. Many years ago I joined what was then a tiny political party, speaking about how we can bring democracy back to the people, how we can better protect people from crime, and regain control of our own lawmaking by leaving the European Union. Under the leadership of Nigel Farage, it succeeded in…

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10 Steps To Stop Brexit: The Remainer Strategy (Part II)

[Ed: you can read Part I here] Step 5: Make Brexit guilty by association You’re going to associate Brexit with the far-right. Nothing is off the table – you don’t know this yet, but you’ll be able to blame Nigel Farage for other people’s racist violence (it’ll eventually turn out to be nothing of the sort, but the mud might stick if you stick your fingers in your ears and refuse to admit the untruth). You’ll take any opportunity to associate Brexit with every negative you can find. At this point you don’t really know how it’s going to…

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10 Steps To Stop Brexit: The Remainer Strategy (Part I)

Editor’s Note: This is part one of a two part series on Remainer strategy. Let’s try a thought experiment. Imagine you’re a staunch Remainer, keen to keep the United Kingdom in the European Union at any cost – and that you’re trying to work out how to respond, in the early hours of June 24th 2016, following the referendum result. Under these assumptions, you don’t care for the democratically-expressed will of the people and you’re not inclined to give up just because democracy demands that you do. How would you act? I think a plan would look something like…

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Yesterday was a good day for UKIP

Yesterday was a good day for UKIP politically, perhaps the best one we’ve had for a while. Not mainly because of anything we’ve done, but because of what we haven’t done. Theresa May has signalled a desire for a snap General Election – and called it on our home turf, Brexit (though not being a single-issue Party, we don’t have to stick to that one issue of course). Having repeatedly ruled out an election, now she’s calling one. I’m not opposed to the idea of a General Election in principle, of course I’m not. But I don’t like politicians…

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Breaking: UKIP MEP says Paul Nuttall is a liar!

As a close personal friend and a colleague I’ve known for many years, it pains me to admit this. The mainstream media are on to something: my Leader, Paul Nuttall, is a liar. Not about Hillsborough. He’d never lie about something like that. It’s too close to him, you see. He’s reluctant to even talk about it. Hardly surprising for a 12 year old boy who witnessed the deaths of 96 people in a state of utter turmoil and one of the worst accidents to take place on British soil for generations. That kind of thing has a habit…

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