Author: John Locke

The new Irish question – an EU land-grab?

Once again we see Ireland becoming a pawn in a continental European game, and yet another attempted continental land-grab. In the past, European powers have looked at Ireland as a stepping stone to control Great Britain (and England in particular). Spain, France and Germany have all tried previously and now, it seems, history repeats itself once again via the EU. Ironically, the plantation of Ulster was designed to stop Europeans using Ireland as England’s back door. Judging by the issue of border controls after Brexit, it may well become the back door once again. Eire has done pretty well…

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Young Independence Conference – The Tip of the Iceberg

Looking at the Young Independence conference cancellation the first reaction is one of shock/outrage/anger/disbelief/fear/panic. My first reaction was that the UK is now a one party banana republic. Ok, that’s not quite true, yet, but we are rapidly heading that way – but hopefully not if UKIP have anything to do with it. We first have to understand what happened there. To put it simply: it was an act of far Left terrorism. There I said it: terrorism. Open any English dictionary and it will likely define a terrorist as “A person who uses, or the threatens to use,…

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