Author: John Freeman

Looking back – looking forward: an analysis, Part 2

[We published Part One here] So, is there a vacancy to be filled in British politics?  Would a large enough number of voters want to be able to consider voting for a party that is: committed to Brexit; have realistic sensible economic policies that will encourage business; committed to reduce immigration and to put the interests of indigenous Brits and their safety before foreigners; be firm on crime and the courage to be honest about the causes and the extent; sort out corruption and the institutionalised political correctness in the police that led to the start and continuation of…

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Looking back – looking forward: an analysis. Part 1

Looking back over the years since I first voted in 1979  for Hugh Frazer in the GE (Conservative – Stafford), I cannot remember a time when the UK has seemed to be so close to  the edge of becoming  unstable. In a matter of weeks Theresa May has transformed from a confident “strong and stable ” leader (in her opinion) into a realisation of her true self: weak and uninspiring. We are used to her calm but forceful speeches since 2010, made confidently, but anyone with a little common sense soon realised that her words would be followed by…

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Looking Out for a Hero

It is now nearly two years since I left UKIP. Although I held Nigel as an absolute HERO, for his courage in not backing down on his beliefs when vilified and verbally and physically threatened, the party Elite allowed in newcomers who to my mind saw UKIP as a career move. These newcomers were propelled into positions of power and then serving MEPs were replaced on the EU elections list by new members who had yet to show their loyalty to the party, because of their so called ability to speak etc. Have we heard much from them since…

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