Author: John Carins

The Next French Revolution

We all know that the EU was started by the French and Germans.  It was a means of fabricating a trading friendship to prevent future bloodshed and continental dominance. Many in France (a founding member) are currently having severe doubts about the EU project.  A collapse of French support could deal a fatal blow to the creation of the EU superstate. The forces of doubt are embodied in the Front National (FN) led by Marine Le Pen.  The FN took 17.9% of the vote at the last Presidential election and more recently secured 2 seats in the Senate. In…

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Obama – nope to dope

President Obama attempted to strike a pose at the D Day celebrations. He seemed to be constantly chewing gum as if he was a GI storming the beaches in 1944. This dopey demeanour was contrasted by the Queen and Prince Phillip who, as participants in the conflict and by saying nothing publicly, clearly empathised with those who had taken part in this most horrific and important event. Their dignity and stature transcended the many utterances of the assembled politicians. President Obama and our PM teamed up for a news conference to discuss current issues. Obama was asked what he…

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Hitler, Halifax, Heath, Howe & Heseltine – a Rogues Gallery of Conservatives

You have probably identified the deliberate mistake: Hitler was not a “Conservative”. He was a National Socialist the same as Alex Salmond but a bit more extreme. Hitler’s aims though were to unify and to rule Europe. The creation of the current EU has (albeit peacefully) brought about elements of his requirements.  The conservatives have a long history of fostering ever closer EU political union. Here are just some of them. Lord Halifax, Britain’s Foreign Secretary (1940) had tried to negotiate with Hitler and his regime. His methods of appeasement were often conducted behind the backs of Chamberlain and…

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Scottish Independence – Part of the EU’s Grand Plan?

Scottish accents can be heard on many streets in towns across England and indeed Wales. I often wonder whether these good Scots have taken the PMs advice and contacted their kin in Scotland to give an opinion on how they should vote in the Scottish referendum. I also wonder if they and the rest of us have really understood the link to the possible break-up of the UK and our membership of the EU. The concept of devolution, federalisation and regionalisation is an EU influenced policy designed to divide nation states to make these nation states more amenable to…

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Let’s be objective about BBC objectivity

I listened with interest to the latest news describing the payoffs to senior executives, dysfunctional behaviour and cronyism at the BBC.  In any other organisation as the share price tumbled, heads would be rolling. The BBC though meanders along in the knowledge that the licence fee will continue to be paid. These recent revelations are but one symptom of an underlying disease at the BBC.  The BBC has become progressively less objective in its news and current affairs.  In the good old days news was reported without opinion by well-dressed authoritative newsreaders. The viewer was then at liberty to…

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