Author: Jim Makin

What now?

This observation, which was written by Mr Punche-Bagge, was forwarded to us by Jim Makin – Ed. What should we make of the current interregnum? UKIP is fighting for its life – according to our interim leader we need to cough up £100K pronto or the party dies. Much the same message as we heard previously from HB last year then. So what has changed? We know that some things have changed but we don’t know whether for the better; no doubt we will find out in due course. One thing seems for sure – the leadership really is…

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Logic Matters

So we have a leadership crisis and must decide how to vote at the EGM. Our guiding principle must be to do what is best (a) for Brexit and (b) for the Party. Let us put aside our opinions of both HB and the NEC and examine the elephant in the room: Is Henry Bolton an enemy agent? Before we dismiss that possibility as preposterous, vanishingly small, irrelevant, or simply unproven-and-therefore-HB-is-innocent-until-proven-guilty, we should think carefully. Preposterous? The EU is beset by increasing problems. Czech president Zeman (opposed to EU immigration and sanctions against Russia) has just won a second…

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This comment, which was written by Mr Punche-Bagge, was forwarded to us by Jim Makin – Ed.   We want it, we demand it, we fought for it. It must be pretty special … what exactly is it? As a nation, it is the ability to make our own contribution to the world, and to tell those who would dictate our actions that we make our own decisions (in the nicest way commensurate with the threat). It is the ability to appoint our national and local governments by whatever means we choose. In commerce it is the ability to…

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Leadership Manifesto from Sidney Punche-Bagge who inexplicably asserts that he is accepted as a late candidate.

Firstly, re-branding.  I say we go straight for the jugular with a go-get branding that will see us talked about in all the right places – I introduce our new name: New United Kingdom and European Momentum party – NUKEM for short. Our goal: get Europe out of the EU! There can be no success in Europe until the gravy-trains are shunted into the Sidings of Sublimation, and the Euro-bureaucrats are dispersed into their Diaspora of Delusion. By leading the resurgent democracies in Europe, we will sweep away the Supranational Soviet before an unstoppable tsunami of national awakening. Viva…

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Book review

ISBN 978-1-784-70411-7 Published in 2017 by Vintage (Penguin Random House UK) 244 pages plus Afterword, Acknowledgements, Appendix, References, and Notes. Naturally I had heard of Yanis Varoufakis through his ill-starred negotiations with the EU on behalf of the Greek nation. His image as a motorcyclist in black leathers has remained lodged in my mind (I’m not sure where from) along with his vaguely Marxist credentials, so when I saw this book in our local bookshop I was intrigued – this is the man who has fenced with the sharp end of the EU and I decided that he might…

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