Author: Jeremy Wraith

A Letter to my or your MP

[Ed: writing letters works, so this letter, suitably amended, is a fine example you might like to use when writing about Brexit to your own MP.] Dear [insert name of your MP]                               Cc Theresa May. Prime Minister I note that you are committed to “remaining in the EU” despite the positive result in the recent referendum which was that the UK must leave. You are and have presumably been following Conservative Party policy to abolish the United Kingdom as a sovereign, independent and democratic state….

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Why Voters Should Never, Ever, Vote for the Conservative, Labour or Lib Dem Parties Ever Again – Part II

Ed ~ This is the second part of the article by Jeremy Wraith. You can read the first part here on UkipDaily. 3.3 Again, politicians from all three parties are advocating more referendums in the hope that the result of the 2017 referendum will be overturned and the UK will stay in the EU. WHY? Being in the EU costs the UK an annual overhead, currently estimated at £185 billion/annum. The total overhead cost of being in the EEC/EU since 1973 could be well over £10 trillion, five times our current national debt. Since 1973 the UK net contributions to EU…

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Why Voters Should Never, Ever, Vote for the Conservative, Labour or Lib Dem Parties Ever Again

Introduction The report on Tony Blair’s claim that productivity in the UK has fallen since Brexit hours before new data revealed productivity growth has, in fact, hit a six-year high is typical of the lies and deceit by the Europhiles. It was not long ago that Nick Clegg vehemently said during his televised debate with Nigel Farage, that the EU was forming an army was a dangerous fallacy. This was an outrageous lie to the British public, yet he is being “rewarded” with a knighthood! (I hope most sincerely millions more people will sign the petition demanding that that…

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Get the UK Out of the EU now!

The hypocrisy of our politicians knows no bounds. David Cameron. who said “he loves his country”, was given a standing ovation in parliament by the Conservative Party members when he finally resigned as Prime Minister. Yet he and his followers in the “remain” campaign comprehensively deceived the UK voters by not telling them their commitment to staying in the EU was making UK taxpayers currently liable for: Payments to the EU of over 1 Trillion Euros And, in the future: Supporting the 30+ Trillion Euro cost of EU Pensions All for practically nothing, as: There is virtually no benefit…

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Why are we in the EU for trade?

One of the main reasons for being in the EU is quoted as being “for trade”. David Cameron keeps linking being in the EU with giving us “access to the EU’s single market”. This is distorting the facts and deception on his part as:- We do NOT have to be in the EU to trade with the EU1 We do NOT have to have a trade agreement with the EU to trade with the EU1 AND There is NO benefit to UK trade with the EU through being in the EU2  Why is David Cameron prepared to keep deceiving…

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