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Quercus robur, commonly known as common oak, or English oak, is a species of deciduous tree native to the United Kingdom. I joined UKIP in July 2015. It was in the aftermath of the general election and my son had persuaded me to accompany him to a UKIP meeting of the Huddersfield and Colne Valley branch where the Chairman at the time was Rob Butler. I had seen Rob Butler (UKIP candidate 2015 in Huddersfield) perform at a hustings alongside two MPs, Barry Sheerman and Jason McCarthy and I had been impressed by his knowledge of his subject matter…

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John Rees Evans Joins Affinity : Why JRE Left UKIP. Part Two

[Ed: Part 1 was published here on UKIP Daily] Part 2. Another Leadership Election for UKIP In the aftermath of Paul Nuttall’s resignation, Steve Crowther was announced as the Party’s Interim Leader with Paul Oakden continuing as Chairman. In the following days John Rees Evans sought clarification with respect to the rollout of Direct Democracy in the light of the change in circumstances at the top of the Party.  John Bickley, the Party Treasurer was tasked as JRE’s contact with the UKIP management in respect of the Direct Democracy rollout by the new leadership team. Funding previously earmarked for…

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John Rees Evans Joins Affinity, or: Why JRE Left UKIP. (Part 1)

There has been much speculation, rumour and talk surrounding the motives and actions of John Rees Evans (JRE). His second Party leadership campaign within a year culminated in the election of Henry Bolton (HB) as the new leader of UKIP on the 29th of September 2017. One hour after the election result was announced, registration papers were deposited with the Electoral Commission relating to a new political party called ‘Affinity’. On Sunday the 1st of October 2017 the management team of ‘Affinity’ announced that John Rees Evans had been appointed as the Affinity ‘Spokesman for Liberty’. I first became…

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The Crowning of Henry. Reflections.

It has been just two weeks since Henry was crowned. The culmination of three months of umbilicus inspection saw a unique Conference for a rebranded UKIP. A lion was revealed. The leadership election, the third in my time as a UKIP member, started way back on the 9th of June on the resignation of Paul Nuttall after the disastrous general election campaign. Some would argue it started after the Stoke debacle, but I don’t wish to argue that point. June the 9th gave UKIP activists and members a stark hit of political reality. From gaining the votes of nearly…

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On Liberty. A Statesman Speaks.

“Those three beautiful pillars” … “pillars of peace”. Sovereignty, security and prosperity are such a columnar triumvirate, according to Donald Trump who spoke to the world at the United Nations in New York, his home town, on 19th September 2017. A statesman was speaking. Sovereignty is a word that has had a lot of airtime in the last two years in Britain. It is a word that has been abused. As with many activists who gave time and effort to ensure a successful outcome in the EU Referendum of 23rd June 2016, it was the concept of our sovereignty…

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