Author: Hugo Jenks

Conference Speech by Stuart Agnew

Arguing to allow non-stun religious slaughter, Mr. Agnew made a number of points which need to be examined carefully.  Do they make sense to you?  The transcript of this part of the speech is here, and heard here. Relevant articles: UKIP policy change from anti- to pro-halal slaughter Anti-Sharia but Pro-Halal? If you can stomach it, watch this video.  Instant unconsciousness when using stunning, contrasts the clear distress that cattle and sheep suffer when their throat is cut while still fully conscious.  The RSPCA and British Veterinary Association oppose this avoidable cruelty, judge for yourself. We must examine Stuart…

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UKIP Leadership Questionnaire – How well do we understand Islam?

How well do we understand Islam and the threat that it poses? Does the next leader have a good understanding of it, and relevant policy proposals? A questionnaire was sent to all candidates. Anne Marie Waters (AMW), Ben Walker (BW), David Kurten (DK), and John Rees-Evans (JRE) answered the questions. David Allen and David Coburn replied, declining to answer. The remainder failed to reply to repeated requests. Note that these are the stated views of the candidates themselves, and that those who have endorsed them may have differing views. Should we have “One Law For All” only? AMW: “Yes”…

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Human Rights v Islam

Theresa May thinks that Islam is compatible with Human Rights – stated in her speech following the terrorist attack at London Bridge and Borough Market.  Read the transcript. She criticises those who know they are incompatible, rejecting the clear evidence.  An important purpose of UKIP, beyond Brexit, is to force politicians to stop deceiving us regarding Islam.  Thus we must put in the effort to read the source material and collate the evidence.  Everyone in UKIP should read at least chapter 9 of the Koran, understand the terms “abrogation” and “taqiyya”, and watch the videos and read the writings…

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Anti-Sharia but Pro-Halal?

“UKIP will not ban Halal or Kosher…”  These words appeared on a “special” leaflet delivered to selected areas of the Stoke Central constituency for the 23rd February 2017 by-election. “Britain United Under One Law For All” This is the title of the social cohesion section in the 2017 general election manifesto.  Within this section it states “A society that can pick and choose what legal system it lives under gradually ceases to be a society at all.  The growth of sharia councils is of great concern to the public, as is the apparent unwillingness of the political class to…

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The UK’s demographic transition to an Islamic state

In what year will the UK have a Muslim majority? And does it really matter anyway? I will probably have passed away by then, so why should I care? Yes we should care, for the sake of the younger generation. They are already faced with wage compression, impossibility of getting onto the housing ladder if they have nobody to help them, huge debts, no prospect of a decent pension, and lower life expectancy than their parents. Mainstream politicians will discuss these, although without offering any workable solutions. However the most serious problem of all is never discussed. That the…

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