Author: Howard Keating

Time to start closing universities

I learned, many years ago, that if I block my nose and keep my mouth shut, I can’t hum. It will, no doubt, come as no great surprise to anyone reading this, that I have never found that particular piece of knowledge to be of significantly positive value to my broad well-being in life. Of course, that knowledge is not a bad thing in itself. It’s a simple physical reality and it can’t do any harm to know it. But it isn’t much use. And isn’t useless knowledge just that; useless? In the light of that, shouldn’t we be asking how…

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Can you Hear the Gods Laughing?

In the 1964 film ‘The Fall of the Roman Empire’ at one stage the narrator says: “A great civilisation is not conquered from without until it has conquered itself from within”. Then, as the mighty Roman Empire starts to crumble around him, the Emperor Commodus tilts his head to the skies and says to his childhood friend, now turned foe, Livius: “Livius, if you listen very carefully, you can hear the gods laughing”. I’m reminded of the old saying: “Those whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad.” Indeed, it made me think that, when we look around…

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JRE – UKIP’s golden opportunity missed?

A few days ago John Rees-Evans was invited by Daily Brexit Producer Olly Connelly to be interviewed on his facebook broadcast. The interview lasted close on an hour and a half and JRE spoke at length about UKIP and his reasons for leaving the party, and also about the aims and future plans of Affinity, the party that he has joined. Many of their core principles are similar to UKIP’s but based of course on a system of Direct Democracy. I recommend a listen. The innovation and ambition of those plans and ideas is quite breathtaking. But that’s hardly…

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Who Runs UKIP?

The title of this article is certainly not original. This question has been asked before many times. Notably, it was addressed at length by Dr. Tomaz Slivnik in his comprehensive and informative resignation statement following his leaving of the National Executive Committee in September 2016. Dr. Slivnik’s analysis is detailed and should, in my opinion, be read and digested in full to do it justice. I was particularly struck however by part of another sentence that he wrote: “The reasons I resigned from the NEC will be clear at the end of this letter, but in summary, it was…

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Questions that only John Rees-Evans has answered

I should make it clear right away that I have never met JRE and I am not in any way a member of his team. My comments here are simply my own views, reflecting my opinions and conclusions after following his many speeches, lengthy Q&A sessions, hustings, and writings, most of which are available to view as videos. I voted for him in last year’s leadership election, and I have never regretted that vote. I believe that had he become the leader, and of course been allowed to lead, then the party’s position would now have been considerably stronger….

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